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You’ve installed LON solutions for years. They still work reliably, but system data might not be accessible, or its management might not be integrated with other critical systems. How can you modernize facilities and infrastructure to deliver greater insights and value to your clients?
Three approaches from Dialog let you offer affordable upgrades to existing customers. Choose from A, B or C to meet the needs of each application.

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Connect to gateways and PCs using a backward-compatible LON network interface (U10 or U60 USB module). This option enables integration with building management and SCADA software for unified system management.

Connect LON networks together to form a smart campus or city using the latest LON router (Dialog SmartServer IoT). This option builds on the capabilities of previous generations of iLON routers enabling interconnection between IP and LON networks.

Connect to IoT applications or cloud services using the most advanced LON edge server (Dialog SmartServer IoT). This option enables modern applications including custom visualization, analytics and AI and adds value to both legacy and new installations.

Do more; pay less

Whichever option you choose, we help you deliver more for less! You’ll pay less up front while and your clients will reduce operating costs and gain visibility, so they can save even more over time. These are the benefits of choosing the most complete and backward-compatible LON platform from the original LON experts. Working with Dialog (formerly Echelon by Adesto) you become the indispensable resource and thought leader for users who need to integrate OT with IT. Together we can bring today’s solutions to yesterday’s customers.
  • Open platform; no hidden fees and no fees to access data
  • Supported by Dialog’s suite of network integration software tools including IzoT Commissioning Tool and LNS server

Discover LON solutions

Network Interfaces

Available in DIN-compliant enclosures and as PCB components that may be incorporated in OEM products, our network interfaces provide a variety of solutions for interfacing LonTalk/IP and LON FT twisted pair communications to a host computer, controller, or router.

U60 DIN USB Expansion Modules

U60 FT Module


Edge Servers

Our edge servers are open gateways/supervisors for industrial, building automation, energy management, commercial and lighting applications. The end-to-end SmartServer™ IoT facilitates IoT implementation with rich APIs, built-in services, secure IoT messaging to cloud services and more.

SmartServer™ IoT


Our specialized IP routers provide out-of-the-box routing for LON networks. They are ideal for use in process control, building automation, energy management, transportation systems control and telecommunications equipment management. The SmartServer IoT also serves as a remote network interface (RNI) to facilitate access to data between networks and from clients.

SmartServer IoT Router Bundles provide advanced LON IP and LON FT routing, and optional TP-1250 routing, and are current generation replacements for iLON routers.

SmartServer™ IoT

SSIoT Router Bundle Datasheet

Network Integration Software

The IzoT software family is the basis of hundreds of third-party applications and plug-ins that are all intrinsically compatible. These powerful open integration tools work with LON and BACnet/IP devices from any manufacturer, speeding and simplifying design and deployment of IoT solutions. Learn more

IzoT Commissioning Tool (CT)

LNS DDE Server

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