IzoT SDK 2

IzoT SDK 2

IzoT™ SDK 2 LON/IP Protocol Stack

The IzoT SDK is a software development kit that enables developers to build communicating devices for the Industrial Internet of Things. The IzoT SDK includes source code for a LON/IP protocol stack that developers can port to a variety of 32-bit and 64-bit processors. Your devices can collect data from physical sensors built to monitor things including temperature, humidity, light-level, power-consumption, or moisture, and make the data available to other LON devices within a community of devices. Using data received from other LON devices or local sensors, your devices can also control physical actuators such as LED dimmers, motor controllers, damper controllers, and solenoids.


  • Reference Implementation Target Platforms
    • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B or newer and Raspbian Linux
    • BeagleBone Black with Ubuntu Linux
    • The source code may be ported to other compatible processors running Linux, Microsoft Windows, or other operating systems with POSIX services
  • Reference Implementation Target Flash Memory
    • Raspberry Pi: 4 GB minimum SD flash card
    • BeagleBone Black: 2 GB minimum eMMC flash
  • Available Application Development Languages
    Python 3.2, C++, and C
  • LON/IP Stack Limits
    • 32,767 address table entries
    • 32,767 simultaneous outgoing transactions
    • 32,767 simultaneous incoming transactions


  • Provides a LON/IP protocol stack for developing networked applications on 32-bit or 64-bit processors
  • Supports devices that communicate using LON/IP on Ethernet or Wi-Fi, LON/FT, LON/PL-20, and other native IP or native LON media
  • Supports complex controllers with support for up to 32,767 address table entries and 32,767 simultaneous outgoing and incoming transactions
  • Includes LON/IP source code for Linux that you can port to other processors and operating systems
  • Includes example ports for the Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and BeagleBone Black with Ubuntu
  • Available for Free Download


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