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Power Factor Correction Flyback Controller for Front-End Power Conversion in Commercial SSL Lighting


High PF, < 10% THD at Full Load and IEC61000-3-2 Compliant, Integrated Startup Device

The iW3677 front-end flyback power factor correction device provides high power factor (PF > 0.9) and low THD (< 20%) down to 33% load current using Dialog’s PF-Boost™ technology. The device can be configured in both isolated and non-isolated configurations, as a buck, buck-boost or flyback converter and consumes less than 150mW no-load standby power at 230VAC. The iW3677 integrates a high-voltage startup device which also reduces standby power consumption during normal operation.

The iW3677 integrates a full range of protection features including output over-voltage, over-power, input over-voltage and under-voltage, over-current and sense resistor short circuit protection, open loop and over temperature protection.

For option without integrated high-voltage startup, see iW3671.

Lifecycle status

● Active


90W Off-Line Controller Supports Isolated and Non-isolated Flyback, Buck and Buck-Boost

Integrated High-Voltage Startup Device

PF > 0.9 and THD < 20% Across Input Voltage at Output Power > 33%

  • THD < 10% at Full Load, Across the Input Voltage Range

Supports Wide AC Input Voltage – 90VAC to 305VAC with Tight AC Load and Line Regulation (±3%)

Fast PFC Ready Time < 0.2s

Standby Power - <150mW at Input Voltage of 230VAC

Fully Protected

  • Output Over-Voltage, Over-Power, Over-Current, Sense-Resistor Short Protections
  • Input Voltage Under-Voltage and Over-Voltage Protection
  • Built-In Over-Temperature Protection
  • Open Loop Protection


Commercial Lighting: 

  • External Fixture Drivers

Block Diagrams


Typical Applications Diagram


Functional Block Diagram

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Ref. Design and Dev. Kit Documentation
Name Date Version
Reference Design EBC20057: iW3677-00, 90V-305VAC Input, 24V/1.25A Output, ER2518 SSL LED Driver Design (8.16 MB) (Registered users only) 06/10/2020 1.0
Reference Design EBC20063: iW3677-00 and iW3638-01 and iW350-00, 40V/1.5A, 0-10V Dimmable SSL LED Driver Design (13.91 MB) (Registered users only) 06/10/2020 1.0
Reference Design EBC20072: iW3677-00, iW380-00, iW350-30, 54V/1.05A, 0-10V Dimmable SSL Driver Design (6.08 MB) (Registered users only) 25/11/2021 1.0
Reference Design EBC20076: iW3677-00, iW380-31, iW350-31, 18-54V, Max 55W Constant Power, 0-10V Dimmable SSL Driver Design (6.25 MB) (Registered users only) 25/11/2021 1.0