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Low Voltage SSL LED Driver for MR16 Applications Offers Universal Transformer Compatibility and Superior Dimmer Compatibility


LED Driver for 4W and 8W dimmable replacement bulbs

The iW3662 SSL LED driver offers universal transformer compatibility and good dimmer compatibility for MR16 and other low-voltage lighting applications even with output power as low as 4W.

Dialog’s digital control technology integrated in the iW3662 enables compatibility with electronic and magnetic transformers. The iW3662 automatically detects the transformer type and dynamically increases the peak loading to latch the transformer, ensuring compatibility with legacy electronic transformers, which present the most difficulty for MR16 LED replacement bulbs.  The iW3662 also detects and works with virtually any dimmer across a wide dimming range of 5% to 100%.

Full protection features include Dialog's unique over-temperature protection (OTP) derating, which monitors the temperature inside the sealed LED bulb and seamlessly reduces the drive to the LEDs if the temperature rises above a safe operating threshold, then restores brightness as temperature falls. The iW3662 integrates the temperature sensor and allows the user to configure the OTP thresholds.

Lifecycle status

● Active


Low Voltage Dimmable LED Lighting for MR16 - 12VAC and 10V-24VDC

Output Power: 4W to 8W

Flexible Single-Stage or Two-Stage Design

Drives Low Voltage LEDs and High Voltage Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs

Compatiblity with Electronic Transformers (ET) and Magnetic Transformers (MT)

  • Automatic Detection of ET or MT

Wide Dimmer Compatibility - Leading Edge, Trailing Edge and Digital

  • Deep Dimming Down to 5% (Dimmer Dependent)

Low BOM Size/Cost

  • Uses Low-Cost, Off-the-Shelf Inductor
  • High Frequency Operation for Smaller External Components

PF > 0.7

Fully Protected

  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Output Over-Voltage, Over-Current and Open-Load Protection
  • Over-Temperature Protection and Derating


VAC or VDC Input Dimmable LED Lighting

MR16 Replacement Bulbs, AR111 Fixtures/Bulbs

Lighting System Using Electronic Transformer

Block Diagrams


Typical Applications Diagram


Functional Block Diagram

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Product Briefs and Summaries
Name Date Version
iW3662 Product Summary (555.43 KB) 03/05/2018 1.4
Name Date Version
iW3662 Datasheet (1.27 MB) (Registered users only) 03/05/2018 1.4
Reference designs
Name Date Version
Reference Design EBC20010B: iW3662-01 36V/160mA, 5.76W MR16 LED Driver (1.5 MB) (Registered users only) 04/11/2015 1.0
Reference Design EBC20011: iW3662-00 12V/400mA, 4.8W MR16 LED Driver (1.83 MB) (Registered users only) 04/11/2015 1.0
Reference Design EBC20012B: iW3662-01 36V/300mA, 10.8W AR111 LED Driver (1.82 MB) (Registered users only) 04/11/2015 1.0
White Papers & Technical Articles
Name Date Version
White Paper : International External Power Supply Regulations (219.09 KB) (Registered users only) 01/09/2014 A
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IW3662 video

An introduction to the iW3662, an LED driver offering universal transformer compatibility for MR16 applications. With intelligent digital control algorithms, the iW3662 works with both electronic and magnetic transformers and offers good dimming range without flicker or shimmer, even in low voltage applications down to 4W.

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IW3662 video (Chinese)

iW3662简介,能够提供广泛电子变压器兼容性的MR16 LED 驱动电路。采用智能数字控制算法,iW3662能够同时兼容电子和磁变压器,提供宽范围并且无闪烁的调光深度,应用功率可以低至 4W。