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3-in-1 Secondary-Side Signal Interface Controller with Optimized Output Drive


Supports 0-10V Analog, PWM, Resistor Dimming

The iW339 is a secondary-side PWM signal generator that works with three types of dimming inputs: PWM dimming, 0-10V linear dimming, or simple dimming using a single resistor to ground from the DIM pin. The iW339 converts any of these three signals into a 1%–100% PWM duty cycle output that provides a dimming signal to a primary-side LED driver such as the iW3636, eliminating the need for transformers or other driver circuitry.


Operating Range: 15V to 60V

3-in-1 Dimmer Interface

  • 0-10V Analog
  • PWM (10V)
  • Resistor

Highly Integrated for Low BOM Cost

  • Integrated Current Source for Driving 0-10V Dimmers
  • Integrated Optocoupler Driver for Isolated Applications

1% PWM Duty Cycle Tolerance

Selectable Frequency Range via External Capacitor

Shutdown Pin to Minimize Standby Power


0-10V Analog Dimming

PWM LED Dimming

Resistor LED Dimming

Block Diagrams


Typical Applications Diagram


Functional Block Diagram

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