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Power Solutions for Renesas Processors

Dialog Semiconductor is a preferred power solutions provider to Renesas® for the automotive R-Car platform. The scalable architecture of the Renesas® SoC platforms are complemented by the programmable architecture of Dialog power management ICs (PMICs), providing the system developer with flexibility throughout the design cycle.  By using Dialog’s highly integrated and efficient solutions, system designers have optimal flexibility to design an “exact fit” power solution. In addition, Dialog’s unique partitioning into system and sub system PMICs offer the advantages of hardware scalability and flexibility while distributing the power dissipation in adverse temperature environments. 

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Renesas® R-Car PMIC Solutions

Renesas® R-Car Processor Family PMIC Solution Document Title Document Type
Renesas® R-Car E2 DA9063-A Renesas® R-Car E2 Platform
Application Note
Renesas® R-Car M2 DA9063-A, **DA9210-A Renesas® R-Car M2 Platform Application Note
Renesas® R-Car M3 DA9063-A Renesas® R-Car M3 Platform
Renesas® R-Car M3 - Reference Design Files
Application Note
Renesas® R-Car H2 DA9063-A, **DA9210-A Renesas® R-Car H2 Platform Application Note
Renesas® R-Car H3 DA9063-A, DA9213-A, DA9214-A, DA9223-A, DA9224-A Renesas® R-Car H3 Platform 
Renesas® R-Car H3 – Reference Design Files
Application Note

*-A indicates our automotive qualified solutions

**DA9210 and DA9210-A are not recommended for new designs, suggested alternatives are DA9213 / DA9213-A or DA9214 / DA9214-A.

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