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Bluetooth® low energy data transfer without writing a single line of code

Welcome to Dialog SmartBond™ CodeLess AT Commands platform.



If you need a quick Bluetooth® low energy solution and don’t want to spend time developing code, then the Smartbond™ CodeLess AT Commands platform is the answer. Any module or any discrete design with the DA14531 or DA14585 can benefit from this quick and easy set-up, enabling a developer to make a fast peripheral or central application (or both), on our incredibly low power platform. All the benefits without having to develop a single line of code.

  • The CodeLess AT commands platform allows control over a local UART connected device as well as a remote device via BLE.
  • The comprehensive set of AT-Commands enables control of the BLE connectivity, sensor read-out and battery check of the device.
  • Control over issuing the AT commands can be on a PC or integrated in a 3rd party microcontroller.
  • Quick & Simple – out of the box. Download as binary directly into your module or device.
  • Take source code example and add your own commands. Compile. Download & Go.

 The supported boards:

  • DA1458x Pro Motherboard with DA14585 daughterboard
  • DA1458x Pro Motherboard with DA14531/DA14531 Module daughterboard
  • DA14585 Basic board
  • Any other custom board using DA14531/DA14585 with a 2 wire UART will also work

Supported modules

  • BLE4.2: Panasonic PAN1740 module, muRata LBCA2HNZYZ and LBCA2BZZFZ modules
  • BLE5.0: DA14531 Smartbond TINY™ Module

A complete list of supported AT Commands is contained within the UM-B-140.

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Software Resources
Date Version
DA14585-DA14531 Codeless AT Command (Registered users only) 10/09/2020 6.380.12.6
DA14585/DA14531 Codeless-SW-Release-Notes 10/09/2020 6.380.12.6
Dialog SmartConsole Source code -Android (Registered users only) 04/06/2020 3.530.4
Android SmartConsole : Google Play 04/06/2020 3.530.4
iOS SmartConsole : App Store 04/06/2020 3.540.2
Dialog SmartConsole Source code -iOS (Registered users only) 04/06/2020 3.540.2
User guides and manuals
Date Version
UM-B-140: DA14531-DA14585 CodeLess 15/06/2020 1.1
Date Version
DA14580 Codeless AT Command .hex 20/09/2018 5.380.5.4.0
DA14580/583-Codeless-SW-Release-Notes-v_5.380.5.4.0 20/09/2018 5.380.5.4.0
DA14585/586-Codeless-SW-Release-Notes-v_6.380.8.4.0 20/09/2018 6.380.8.4.0
DA14580 Codeless AT Command (SDK5) v5.380.5.4.0 (Registered users only) 20/09/2018 5.380.5.4.0
DA14585 Codeless AT Command set 6.380.8.4.0 (Registered users only) 20/09/2018 6.380.8.4.0
DA14585 Codeless AT Command (.hex) 20/09/2018 6.380.8.4.0

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