SmartBond™ Bluetooth® mesh SDK

SmartBond™ Bluetooth® mesh SDK

Software Development Kit for Bluetooth mesh solution using DA14682/3

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Dialog Semiconductor offers a complete solution for the recently adopted Bluetooth mesh specification

Traditionally used for close-range, point-to-point communications for pairing devices, the Bluetooth® protocol has been greatly enhanced by the new mesh specification. The recently adopted Bluetooth mesh specification enables a ‘many-to-many’ communication topology offering both an extended range and a greater number of nodes.

Mesh functionality opens up a wide range of new applications for Bluetooth in markets such as smart home, lighting, industrial automation, beaconing and asset tracking. To make the most of these new opportunities, you need to design the new mesh capabilities into your products, easily and quickly.

Dialog offers you the perfect way to achieve this with complete mesh software support for the SmartBond™ DA14682 and DA14683.

The software include a full set of development tools for Bluetooth mesh applications, tool chain and reference application source code which are all available within our very own SmartSnippets™ development environment. Dialog also provides an iOS and Android application to allow their customers to provision, configure and control Bluetooth mesh nodes from their smartphone or tablet.

Meet our Software Development Kit for Bluetooth mesh solution using SmartBond DA14682&3 products



  • Smart Home applications
  • Smart lighting
  • Industrial automation
  • Sensor networks
  • Commercial networks
  • Cloud connected applications


To download the SDK please send SmartBond team an email.

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