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HFET1™ High-Voltage Integrated Power Control Switch

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A Surge-protected, 28-V Tolerant USB Type C Power Splitter/Switch in 28L WLCSP

The SLG59H1302C is a 130-V surge-protected, 28-V tolerant power splitter with two high-current switches and an 0.1 A capable LDO in 28-ball WLCSP. With independent control for each channel, the SLG59H1302C contains a 6 A capable, 12 mΩ nFET switch for the BUS-to-OUT path and a reverse-blocking 6 A capable, 24 mΩ nFET switch for the BUS-to-SYS path. An internal, “always ON” LDO is 0.1 A capable and can be used to supply power to downstream devices when the BUS terminal voltage is higher than 2.7 V. When the SYS terminal turns on, the IC’s push-pull PG output becomes asserted. The SLG59H1302C is fully specified over the industrial -40°C to 85°C temperature range.



  • Internal 130V-rated TVS (IEC61000-4-5)
  • 28-V Tolerant, Continuous VBUS Operation
  • BUS-to-OUT nFET: 12mΩ/6A
  • BUS-to-SYS nFET: 24mΩ/6A B2B RB
  • BUS Regulator: 3.9V ±10% tol, 0.1A capable
  • BUS UVLO & OVLO Protection:
    • OVP Response Time: 200 ns


  • Push-pull PG (Power Good) Output
    • PG Assertion: VSYS > 90%
    • PG De-assertion: OVLO, UVLO, Thermal shut-off, ON2 = LOW, or SD = LOW
  • Active-HIGH IC Shutdown Input
  • Active-LOW ON1 Input (BUS-to-OUT)
  • Active-HIGH ON2 Input (BUS-to-SYS)
  • Internal Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • 28L WLCSP: Pb-free/RoHS-Compliant


  • Wearable Devices
  • Tablet PCs and Smartphone


WLCSP-28 (2.98 x 1.69 mm)

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