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12-GPIO, 2 ACMPs, 3 DCMPs/PWMs, 2 DACs, 16 LUTs (max.), 4 CNT/DLY (max.), 6 DFF/LATCH (max.) and other Macrocells

The SLG46140 is a one-time non-volatile memory (NVM) Programmable Mixed-Signal Matrix designed to implement a wide variety of mixed-signal functions in a single, small, low-power device by integrating a number of common discrete ICs and passive components. In addition to the integrated analog and digital components, the SLG46140 comprises an internal connection matrix and one-time programmable NVM. By programming the NVM, using the easy-to-use GreenPAK development tools, the designer configures the connection matrix, I/O Pins, and integrated components of the SLG46140.

Macrocells Overview

  • 8-bit Successive Approximation Register Analog-to-Digital Converter (SAR ADC);
  • ADC 3-bit Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA);
  • Two Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC);
  • Two Analog Comparators (ACMP);
  • Voltage Reference (Vref);
  • Eight Combinatorial Lookup Tables (LUTs):
    • Four 2-bit LUTs;
    • Four 3-bit LUTs;
  • Nine Combination Function Marcocells:
    • One 14-bit Delay/Counter (Wake-Sleep Control);
    • Two Selectable DFF/Latch or 2-bit LUTs;
    • Two Selectable DFF/Latch or 3-bit LUTs;
    • One Selectable 16-Stage / 3-Output Pipe Delay or 3-bit LUT;
    • One 8-bit Delay/Counter/Finite State Machine;
    • One 14-bit Delay/Counter/Finite State Machine;
    • One Selectable Pattern Generator or 4-bit LUT;
  • Three Digital Comparators/Pulse Width Modulators (DCMPs /PWMs) w/Selectable Deadband;
  • Three Counters/Delays (CNT/DLY):
    • One 14-bit Delay/Counter/Finite State Machine;
    • One 14-bit Delay/Counter;
    • One 8-bit Delay/Counter;
  • Two D Flip-flops/Latches;
  • Programmable Delay w/Edge Detection;
  • Three Internal Oscillators:
    • Low-Frequency;
    • Ring;
    • RC 25 kHz and 2 MHz;
  • Power-On-Reset (POR);
  • Slave SPI;
  • One Bandgap.


  • Logic & Mixed Signal Circuits
  • Highly Versatile Macrocells
  • 1.8V (±5%) to 5V (±10%) Supply
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • RoHS Compliant / Halogen-Free
  • Pb-Free: 1.6 x 2.0 x 0.55 mm, 0.4 mm pitch


The extensive list of integrated components included in the SLG46140 can be used to implement these and many other functions, often in combination.

  • Ambient Light Detect
  • Battery Charge Control
  • Fan Control
  • Hall Effect Drive
  • LED Control
  • Level Shift
  • One-Shot Detect
  • Optical Encode
  • Over Voltage Protect
  • Port Detection
  • Power Sequencing
  • Sensor Interface
  • Signal De-Glitch
  • Signal Delay
  • System Reset
  • Thermal Management
  • Voltage Level Detect
STQFN-14 (1.6 x 2.0 mm)



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