WattUp® Wireless Power Transmitter

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Highly integrated wireless power transmitter

DA4100 is a highly integrated System-on-Chip WattUp RF-transmitter IC designed to provide optimal charging of WattUp receiver devices. It forms the core of the Near Field WattUp transmitter system and is designed to charge a range of devices fitted with WattUp receivers. It features the RF transmitter, power management and integrated DC-DC supply, delivering a complete WattUp transmitter system solution.  Applications include the wireless charging of low-power, battery-powered devices, such as wearables, fitness trackers, hearables, hearing aids, Bluetooth® trackers, smart pens and other devices.




  •  DA4100 integrates most of the functions required to form a complete WattUp transmitter system including an ARM Cortex® M0+ processor, RAM, ROM, crystal oscillator, Low Profile Oscillator (LPO), clock divider, Phase-Lock Loop (PLL), RF converter, Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA), Power Detectors (PD), DC-DC, LDO’s, I2C, UART, SPI, GPIOs, ADCs and DACs.
  • Embedded secure element for 2-way authentication with 128bit encryption.
  • The device only requires an external crystal and power amplifier and operates directly from a 3.3V power supply.


  • Ultra-small RF antenna-based solution
  • Improved spatial and orientation freedom
  • Secure pairing of the transmitter and device-under-charge
  • Eliminates connectors and charging contacts
  • Enables fully sealed waterproof design



  • Fitness Bands
  • Hearing Aids
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Bluetooth Trackers
  • Smart Pens
  • Remote Controls
  • Smart Glasses

Near Field WattUp System

The Near Field WattUp system is comprised of a WattUp wireless power transmitter (DA4100), a WattUp wireless power amplifier (DA3210), a WattUp wireless power receiver (DA2210 or DA2223), a DC regulator, a Li-Ion/Li-Poly battery charger and an optional Bluetooth® Low Energy communication link (DA14680*, DA14681* or DA14585) which supports battery status communication between the WattUp receiver and transmitter.  The same link can be used to provide the user with full power management capabilities using the WattUp Application running on a Smartphone or tablet.  Antennas are fabricated using low-cost PCB material, flexible PCB or sheet metal.

Near Field WattUp System
*DA14682 and DA14683 are recommended for new designs.


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