System Core PMIC with High Efficiency USB Power Manager

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Highly integrated PMIC subsystem

DA9021 features supply domains to support a wide range of application processors, associated peripherals and user interface functions. Combined with a single input USB compatible charger and multiple sleep modes the device offers an energy-optimized solution suitable for portable handheld, wireless and infotainment applications.

Interfacing directly to a Li-Ion/Polymer battery pack, the high effeciency switching charger supports precise processor interaction. During charging the die temperature is thermally regulated, enabling higher capacity batteries to be rapidly charges at current up to 1.26A with minimum thermal impact to space constrained PCB's.


  • Single Input USB Charger
  • 3 DVS Buck Converters 0.5V-3.6V up to 1Amp
  • 5 Programmable LDO’s High PSRR. • 32kHz RTC Oscillator
  • 9 bit GPIO bus for enhanced wakeup and peripheral control
  • HS2-wire & 4-wire control interfaces


  • High efficiency switching charger supports precise current/voltage charging
  • USB suspend mode operation is supported and for robustness
  • The internally-generated system power rail supports multiple power scenarios such as instant-on with a full discharged battery


  • Personal Media Players
  • Headsets
  • Personal Navigation Devices
  • Consumer Infotainment Devices
4x4mm WL-CSP 0.5mm pitch


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