Highly integrated power management IC for new generation Intel® AtomTM processor

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Ultra flexibile power sequencer

The DA6021 uses a single supply voltage at a wide range of input voltage and provides low noise supplies to all SoC voltage domains, DDR3 memory and many peripherals. The DA6021 integrates 6 high performance low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators using Dialog’s patented Smart MirrorTM technology for very low quiescent current. It includes 11 internal power switches and the control logic for 9 external switching devices. These include in-rush current control for platform power distribution simplification.

Six fully integrated high efficiency DC-DC buck converters provide current to Intel Atom platform’s various low voltage domains as well as to the memory and the peripherals. Two buck-boost and one boost converter also supply energy towards the platform. All nine regulators are designed to support external component height of 1mm. Dependent on the input voltage (single battery cell of 5V DC supply) the buck regulators will run preferably at 6MHz. 


  • Two high efficiency buck converters with integrated SVID interface running IMVP-7 protocol. These two quad phase DC/DC regulators generate the voltages for CPU and graphic cores.
  • One dual phase buck regulator for memory supply supporting DDR3 L and LP memory types
  • 3 single phase buck regulators supplying 1.0V, 1.05V and 1.8V towards the platform
  • 2 buck-boost converters generating 2.85V and 3.3V towards the platform even if the input supply is down to 2.7V
  • Boost converter providing 5V towards the USB components
  • 3 LDOs with fixed output voltage
  • 2 LDOs with programmable output voltage
  • 1 push-pull LDO used for DDR3 address line termination
  • 11 integrated power rail switching devices
  • 9 external power rail switching devices controlled by the PMIC


  • Ultra flexible power sequencer programmable via OTP/ EEPROM and register
  • I2C communication interface
  • EEPROM interface for optional OTP over-writing
  • 16 general purpose I/Os with alternate functions
  • 16 channel 10-bit ADC including conditioning circuits and programmable flexible sequencing for automatic and manual measurements
  • System voltage and temperature monitoring, supervising
  • Programmable IRQ controller
  • 1-wire digital battery interface including 2-wire conversion
  • 3 channel PWM signal generation, flexible frequency and duty cycle programmable
  • Input power source detection, including by charger current control


  • Tablet PCs
  • Embedded applications
    • Embedded PCs
    • Vehicle command systems
    • Telematic devices
    • Car navigation systems
    • Mobile internet devices
  • Netbooks
  • Nettops
325 pin FCBGA 11x6mm, 0.4mm pitch


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