Quad 1.2A Buck System PMIC with Audio Subsystem

Optimized for Ingenic JZ4775 smartwatch design

The DA9024 is a quad buck 1.2A per channel PMIC with 20 linear regulators, an integrated class-G, true-ground, capless headphone driver and a class D speaker driver, enabling supply domain flexibility to support associated peripherals and user interface functions.

Controlled by a programmable digital power manager the user-programmable switched and linear regulators have configurable startup sequences, levels and timing. For optimal processor energy-per-task performance dynamic voltage scaling is available on four supply domains.






  • 4 x high efficiency programmable buck converters with DVC and pin controlled states
  • 20 programmable LDO regulators
  • Audio Subsystem with 4 input analog mixer
  • Capless 45mW Class G headphone
  • 1.5W (8Ohms) Class D speaker driver
  • High speed I2C interface
  • Back up battery charger
  • Ultra-low power (<1 µ ) 32kHz Real Time Clock with alarm wakeup capability


  • All linear regulators use Dialog’s SmartMirror™ dynamic biasing technique which maintains high performance over a wide range of operating conditions and a power saving mode (Sleep Mode) to minimize the quiescent current
  • Regulators have output voltages independently programmable via the device control interface
  • Buck converters do not require external Schottky diodes and offer a sleep mode (PFM mode) for optimal efficiency at low load currents


  • Smartphones
  • Consumer Infotainment Devices
3.6 x 4.8 WL-CSP 108


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