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Not Recommended for New Designs - See iW1699B

Selectable cable drop compensation

The iW1699 is a high performance AC/DC controller designed to drive an external power N-channel MOSFET for peak current mode PWM flyback power supplies. It uses Dialog’s PrimAccurate™ primary-side control technology, eliminating the need for a secondary-side regulator and optocoupler, reducing component count and solution cost while easily meeting the US DoE’s external power supply efficiency standard and the EU’s Code of Conduct, version 5, tier 2 external power supply standard, with no-load power consumption less than 30mW.

It integrates a constant current mode on some options so it can be used in adapter applications, with a constant current accuracy > 3%. Additional features include Dialog's proprietary EZ-EMI™ technology, adaptive multi-mode PWM/PFM control for optimal efficiency across all loads, 5 selectable cable and connector voltage drop compensation voltages, and robust operation with full protection from over-voltage and over-temperature.

For Lower Output Ripple See iW1699B


  • Meets DoE External Power Supply Regulation and EU CoC Version 5, Tier 2
    • Less than 30mW No-Load Power Consumption
  • Active Start-Up - Reduces Turn-on Time without Impacting No-load Power Consumption
  • Low 6µA Start-Up Current
  • Selectable Voltage Offset Compensation for Voltage Loss in Cables and Connectors (5 Options)
    • Selectable Via single resistor to ground
  • PrimAccurate™ - Primary-Side Control, No Opto-Coupler Needed


  • Intrinsically Low Noise Solution - No Audible Noise Over Entire Operating Range
  • Adaptive Multi-Mode PWM/PFM Control for Optimal Efficiency Across Load Range
  • EZ-EMI™ Design to Easily Meet Global EMI Specifications
  • Fast Dynamic Load Regulation
  • Fully Protected from Fault Conditions
    • Over-Voltage/Over-Temperature Protection (latch option)
    • Output Over-Voltage and Over-Current
    • Input Undervoltage Protection
    • Sense-Resistor Short Circuit Protection


  • Power Adapters for Portable Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics Power Supplies
  • Linear AC/DC Power Supply Replacement

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Typica applications diagram
Functional block diagram


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