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AN-CM-286 GP file GP file 28.25 KB
SLG59M1456V PSpice Model GreenFET3™ Single N-Channel Integrated Power Switch 3.44 KB
SLG46867 Datasheet GreenPAK™ Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with In System Programmability 6.08 MB
AN-CM-224 How to Test and Debug GreenPAK using a Website This project shows how a GreenPAK™ design can be tested, debugged, and controlled using a website 921.8 KB
LNS DDE Server Datasheet LNS DDE Server Datasheet 490.4 KB
AN-1033 Load Power Monitor Using GreenPak In this application the GreenPAK monitors the power on a load within the range (0.5W - 1.5W) by measuring the voltage and the current on the load 891.35 KB
International External Power Supply Regulations Whitepaper EPS Regulation Whitepaper 232.75 KB
AN-1165 Room Thermostat This app note shows that the GreenPAKs can implement a room thermostat thanks to its flexibility and configurability 12.92 MB
SLG59M1600V Layout Guide GreenFET3™ Reverse Blocking Integrated Power Switch 278.84 KB
UM-B-056: DA1468x Software Developer's Guide UM-B-056: DA1468x Software Developer's Guide 6.74 MB
Bluetooth Smart - major changes from a small version update Bluetooth Smart White paper 128.96 KB
SLG46117 Errata Chips' issues and their workaround 577.67 KB
DA14695 USB Development Kit Gerber Layout BOM DA14695 USB Development Kit Gerber Layout BOM 1.04 MB
Smartbond™ DA14681 系列產品 集成度最高、配置最灵活、内存可扩展的蓝牙低功耗SoC 649.73 KB
AN-CM-277 Quadrature Encoder Counter with SPI Bus Interface This application note describes an SLG46140V design that implements a 16-bit up/down counter with quadrature encoder inputs. 612.96 KB
Tutorial 3: Custom profile gatt cmd example Tutorial 3: Custom profile gatt cmd example 1.09 MB
Social Distancing Tag example Social Distancing Tag example 7.07 MB
SLG59M1736C Datasheet GreenFET3™ Single P-Channel Integrated Power Switch 673.52 KB
Conflict Materials Policy Conflict Materials Policy 90.22 KB
AN-PV-002 Power Fail Detection and Audio Muting Using the PV88080 AN-PV-002 PV88080 Application Note 529.9 KB