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Voltage position controller in 2-pin DFN package

The iW600 secondary-side voltage position controller works with Dialog’s iW1600 and iW1601 primary-side PWM controllers to enable travel adapters with very low no-load standby power and fast dynamic load response.

The iW600 works on the secondary side to detect dynamic load changes on the output and uses Dialog’s patented technology to send a wake up signal to the input via the main flyback transformer, eliminating the need for an optocoupler, reducing cost and improving reliability – all in a low-cost, 2-lead DFN or 3-lead SOT-23 package.

Working normally in an off-state with negligible current draw, the iW600 enables 10W travel adapters with no-load power consumption < 10mW when used with Dialog’s iW1600 and < 30mW with the iW1601 PrimAccurate™ digital AC/DC controllers.

Works with primary-side PWM controllers iW1600iW1601iW1602


  • Fast System Output Voltage Detection and Response Time
  • Works Via the Flyback Transformer
    • Eliminates Need for Optocoupler


  • No External Components Needed
    • Only Two Pins Needed
  • Enables < 10mW No-Load Power Consumption Travel Adapter Solutions
  • 3-Lead SOT-23 and 2-Lead DFN Package


  • 10W Travel Adapters
  • AC/DC Chargers and Adapters
2-lead DFN or 3-lead SOT-23

Block Diagrams

Typical applications diagram
Functional Block Diagram

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