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Not Recommended for New Designs - See iW1602

10W output, < 30mW stand-by power, ultra-fast DLR with iW600

The iW1601 AC/DC digital PWM controller is designed for high power density, compact, low BOM-cost off-line power supplies up to 10W. It works with Dialog’s iW600 secondary-side voltage position controller for ultra-fast dynamic load response, while PrimAccurate™ primary-side control eliminates the need for an optocoupler.

The iW1601 directly drives a BJT for softer switching versus FETs, improving EMI and reducing the number of EMI filtering components.

With no-load power consumption of < 30mW, the iW1601 enables power supplies that easily meet the most stringent of global energy efficiency standards.

Comprehensive protection features include SmartDefender™ advanced hiccup technology to help address soft short circuits in cables and connectors. Learn more about SmartDefender advanced hiccup technology here.


  • 10W Output Power
  • Drives External Low-Cost BJT
  • Easily Meets DoE External Power Supply and EU Code of Conduct, Version 5, Tier 2 Standards  
    • < 30mW No-Load Power Consumption
  • Works with iW600 for Ultra-Fast Dynamic Load Response (DLR)
  • Quasi-Resonant Control Optimizes Efficiency at All Loads
  • PrimAccurate™ - Primary-Side Control, No Optocoupler Needed
  • User-Configurable  Voltage Offset Compensation for Voltage Loss in Cables and Connectors (4 Options)


  • EZ-EMI™ Design to Easily Meet Global EMI Specifications
  • SmartDefender™ Advanced Hiccup Technology
    • Helps Address Soft-Shorts in Cables, Connectors without Latching Off
    • Helps Protect Cables and Connectors from Excessive Heat and Damage by Reducing Average Power During Short Circuit by at Least 50%
  • Fully Protected from Fault Conditions
    • Over-Temperature Protection
    • Output Over-Voltage and Over-Current
    • Input Under-Voltage Protection
    • Sense-Resistor Short Circuit Protection


  • 10W AC/DC Travel Adapters for Smartphones and Tablets
  • AC/DC Offline Power Supplies for Consumer Electronics

Block Diagrams

Typical applications diagram
Functional block diagram


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
iW1601 Product Summary 14/03/2018 Rev. 0.4

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