Reference Designs

Reference Designs

AC/DC Power Adapters

Power Adapters

Download the reference design pdf by clicking the associated reference number in the first column. Contact us directly for additional information about these designs.

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Refer # Part # Output Application POUT (W) VOUT (V) IOUT (A) No Load Power
EBC10003 iW1677-00 Single Mobile Phone Adapter 5 5 1.0 <30mW
EBC10004 iW1677-00 Single Mobile Phone Adapter 5 5 1.0 <30mW
EBC10010 iW1700-01 Single Mobile Phone Adapter 5 5 1.0 <5mW
EBC10011 iW1706-00 Single Network Adapter 7.2 12 0.6 <150mW
EBC10012 iW1706-00 Single Network Adapter 5.4 9 0.6 <150mW
EBC10013 iW1810-00 Single Universal Input Off-line
Power Supply
3 5 0.6 <100mW
EBC10070 iW1760B-00 Dual Universal Input Dual Rail
Isolated Flyback Power
15 12

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