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Smartwave™ Multi-Touch Integrated Circuit

Highly integrated MTIC™ supporting FlatFrog Planar Scatter Detection Touch

Using in-lens infrared light, the system can detect and track multiple touches, gestures and pressures from gloved hands, stylus and other objects providing a more natural true-touch user experience at performance levels comparable to the latest capacitance-based solutions but at a fraction of the cost.

DA8901 is optimized for any display type between 11 and 36 inches using FlatFrog PSD Touch and is suitable for both Microsoft Windows 8 and Intel Ultrabook PCs including All-in-One’s, laptops and monitors.

FlatFrog PSD Touch works with glass or plastic cover lenses, eliminating the need for expensive ITO layers.  It uses standard low-cost electrical components and high-yielding assembly processes to provide superior multi-touch at a lower cost compared to projected capacitive.


  • Designed to be Microsoft Windows 8 touch compliant
  • Designed to work with Intel Ultrabook™
  • Supports screen sizes up to 36 inches
  • Supports edge-to-edge, bezel-free top cover lens
  • 10 bits touch resolution
  • Smooth pressure sensing
  • Scalable master / slave operation supporting up to 15 slaves
  • Configurable emitter engine
  • 12x fully integrated emitter drivers (internal mode)
  • Provides control for 100’s of emitters (external mode)


  • 12 channel detector
  • High dynamic range for flexible screen sizes
  • Dynamic ambient light cancelation for robust operation
  • High linearity ADC for stable operation
  • 3 full custom ALUs for optimized processing efficiency
  • Power Management with fast start up for optimal power saving
  • Integrated ARM® Cortex™ M0 processor and memory system
  • Small footprint package for ultra-narrow PCB design


  • Intel Ultrabook™, Ultra-slim, Covertables and Notebook PCs
  • All-in-One PCs, PC monitors and IPTVs
5.7 x 5.0mm aQFN, 59 pin 0.4mm pitch

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