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Bringing cost effective, premium multi-touch to the mainstream

Using in-lens infrared light, the system can detect and track multiple touches, gestures and pressures from gloved hands, stylus and other objects providing a more natural true-touch user experience at performance levels comparable to the latest capacitance-based solutions but at a fraction of the cost.

Smartwave™ Multi-Touch

DA8901 drives a number of infrared Light Emitting Diode (LEDs) in a controlled sequence, injecting light into the cover lens of the display.  Using FlatFrog’s patented PSD Touch technology, as users touch the surface, scattered light is detected by multiple infrared receivers connected to DA8901’s detector front end.  The resulting signals are amplified and dynamically filtered to remove ambient light before being converted into the digital domain using a high linearity ADC.  The data is then subjected to FlatFrog’s PSD Touch algorithms using MTIC’s 3 custom ALUs and ARM micro controller before being communicated via SDIO to a standard external touch controller IC which provides the touch coordinates to the main PC processor.

Multi-Touch Product Portfolio
Product Description Applications 
DA8901 Highly integrated Smartwave™ Multi-Touch IC supporting FlatFrog Planar Scatter Detection Touch

Intel Ultrabook™, Ultra-slim, Covertables and Notebook PCs | All-in-One PCs, PC monitors and IPTVs

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