Mixed-Signal & RF ASICS

Mixed-Signal & RF ASICS

Enable your Product Vision with a Custom ASIC​


The physical world is analog. Our high-performance mixed-signal ASICs, embedded with microprocessors, memory and connectivity, connect the physical world to the cyber world.

In creating these ASICs, we differentiate your products, boost performance and protect your designs by shrinking systems into custom integrated circuits, while saving board space and cost by up to 80%.


SmartEdge™ Platform​​

In real-time control, system processing must be performed at the source to optimize responsiveness, communication overhead, and security. Current solutions are big, power hungry, and expensive.

Dialog’s SmartEdge™ platform delivers optimized performance and cost.

System Audit to Chip Delivery

Our engagement starts by looking at your complete electronic subsystem, and ends with us supplying highly-integrated, optimized chips for your production. We combine our expertise in chip design with management of production, test and logistics, helping you optimize bills of materials and electronic system designs. We complement your in-house resources, combining our intellectual property (IP) with yours.

The uniqueness of your custom chip protects your design. It can’t easily be copied, and your customers will recognize the value of your products.

IP Portfolio that Accelerates your Design​

License our performance-leading IP to get your design to market more quickly and safely.

A Perfect Blend of Analog and Digital​

Our design expertise is focused on combining analog circuits with complex digital processors. We’ve been doing this successfully for decades, so you can be confident that your entire system will be optimized.


'Security First' Design Philosophy​

While security is a growing concern, it’s often considered too late in the design process. Our Security First philosophy means we design in security at the very start.

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