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Octal xSPI Memory, EcoXiP NOR Flash Memory, Octal

Octal xSPI Memory

Blazingly Fast. Low Power Consumption

With the need for greater processing performance at lower power, execute-in-place (XiP) is quickly becoming the architecture of choice for IoT devices. EcoXiP’s blazingly fast performance and low power consumption allow even time-critical software to be executed directly out of non-volatile memory, reducing boot time and system cost.

  • High Bandwidth
  • Low Power
  • Execute-in-place
  • Read While Write
  • Security

Best performance, best power


CoreMark® test on NXP’s i.MX RT1050 with 8 instruction cache
invalidations every ms to simulate task switching & interrupt handling.

CoreMark® score / power consumption.

EcoXiP Octal xSPI Memory

Density Product / Datasheet Speed Vcc range Interface Details Status Samples Buy
128Mbit ATXP128 (up to 105°C) 150MHz 1.7V-1.95V SPI Octal SDR/DDR   Production Order Samples
64Mbit ATXP064B (up to 105°C) 133MHz 1.7V-1.95V SPI Octal SDR/DDR   Coming Soon Contact us Contact us
32Mbit ATXP032 (up to 105°C) 150MHz 1.7V-1.95V SPI Octal SDR/DDR   Production Order Samples
ATXP128 (up to 105°C) details
Ordering Code Package
ATXP128-CCUE-Y 24CC - 8x6
ATXP128-CCUE-T 24CC - 8x6
ATXP128-UUE-T WLCSP - Contact Adesto
ATXP128-DWF See Wafer-Die Solution Menu
ATXP032 (up to 105°C) details
Ordering Code Package
ATXP032-CCUE-Y 24CC - 8x6
ATXP032-CCUE-T 24CC - 8x6
ATXP032-UUE-T WLCSP - Contact Adesto
ATXP032-DWF See Wafer-Die Solution Menu
ATXP064B (up to 105°C) details
Ordering Code Samples
ATXP064B-CCUE-Y 24CC - 8x6
ATXP064B-CCUE-T 24CC - 8x6
ATXP064B-UUE-T WLCSP - Contact Adesto
ATXP064B-DWF See Wafer-Die Solution Menu

Adesto EcoXiP Octal EVK Hardware Setup

Adesto EcoXiP Octal EVK Software Setup

Read While Write feature improves system performance

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