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PowerPAK high PSRR, low noise multi-output LDO IC for advanced camera and sensor systems


High PSRR, low noise multi-output LDOs

The SLG51000 IC contains seven compact and customizable low dropout regulators and is designed for high performance camera modules, advanced sensor systems, and other small multi-rail applications.

Lifecycle status

● Active


Highest PSRR of 81 dB at 1 MHz

Lowest output voltage noise of 13 µV (rms)

7 channels of LDOs

Output current capability up to 800mA per channel

User configurable settings via I2C and OTP including output voltage, sequencing, soft-start timing, and current limit threshold

6 user-defined GPIOs to route available internal and external signals

Flexible user-defined supply controller with matrix interconnect logic, GPIOs, and macrocells


Exceeds the power performance requirements of newer image sensors to help produce the best image quality

Helps system designers meet stringent noise budgets

Small integrated power solution replaces 7 discrete channels to reduce board space 

Configurable VOUT settings, sequencing, and resources satisfies multiple project requirements to reduce re-design, sourcing, and qualification

Users can create a variety of functions and control logic for applications like power sequencing, fault signaling, input conditioning, and glue logic

Unique GUI-based development software enables a completely graphical design configuration process


High end camera module applications


Digital cameras

Security cameras

Smart devices with imaging

Advanced sensor systems

Adaptive Driver Assistance Systems


WLCSP-20 (1.675 x 2.075 x 0.465 mm)

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Application notes
Name Date Version
AN-CM-267 SLG51000 GPIO Use Cases(627.69 KB) 18/08/2020 1.1
User guides and manuals
Name Date Version
SLG51000 Development Software User Guide v1.02 (1011.24 KB) 26/02/2020 1.02