Single-Stage, 20W Non-Dimmable Off-Line SSL LED Driver with High PF and Low Ripple

High-power factor and low-ripple current

The iW3628 integrates high power factor (PF), low output ripple and low total harmonic distortion (THD) in a single-stage SSL LED driver for isolated and non-isolated, 20W, non-dimmable LED replacement bulb applications. 

The iW3628 integrates a unique hybrid control scheme that allows designers to configure PF between >0.7 and >0.9 to manage the trade-off between PF and LED output current ripple. This unique feature enables high PF and low ripple from a low-cost solution.

The iW3628 reduces the BOM cost and solution size by incorporating Dialog’s proprietary PrimAccurate™ technology, eliminating the need for a secondary side regulator and optical feedback isolator. It also uses lower-cost BJTs, so there is no need for high-voltage electrolytic capacitors.


  • Configurable PF to Manage Trade-Offs Between PF and Output Ripple
    • PF from >0.7 (Lower Ripple) to >0.9 (Higher Ripple)
  • Low THD <20%
  • Ideal for 20W Off-Line Solid-State Lighting Applications


  • User-Configurable Internal LED Derating Over-Temperature Protection
    • Three Selectable Temperature Thresholds
    • Maintains Light Output in Fault Condition
    • Hysteresis Allows Smooth Transition Back to Normal Operation
  • Fully Protected
    • Over-Voltage/Over-Temperature Protection
    • Output Over-Voltage, Over-Current and Short Circuit
    • Open LED Fault Detection
    • Sense-Resistor Short Circuit Protection


  • Solid State Lighting
  • LED Lighting Ballast

Block diagram

Typical Applications Diagram
Functional Block Diagram

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