High Power Factor, Constant-Voltage Controller with Integrated 650 V Power MOSFET

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Configurable Minimum/Maximum Switching Frequencies Provides Design Flexibility

The iW3827 integrates a 650 V power MOSFET with an advanced digital controller and offers configurable maximum and minimum switching frequencies to provide design flexibility in high PF SSL constant voltage applications up to 8W.  It supports the most common single-stage isolated and non-isolated configurations (buck, buck-boost or flyback) to create a front-end power supply for smart lighting applications. The iW3827 uses advanced, proprietary digital control technology to enable high power factor (PF > 0.9) and low THD (< 20%).

The iW3827 offers configurable maximum PWM switching frequency to allow optimization between size and efficiency and configurable minimum PFM switching frequency to optimize between transient performance and low no-load power consumption. The unique digital control technology accommodates large output capacitor variations while enabling fast transient response to keep the transient output voltage within 10% of its nominal level.


  • Up to 8W Output Power with Integrated 650 V power MOSFET
  • Supports Isolated or Non-Isolated Flyback, Buck or Buck-Boost Topologies
  • High PF (> 0.9) and Low THD (< 20%) Over Wide Load Range
  • PrimAccurate™ Primary-Side Control Achieves Tight Load and Line Accuracy (+/- 3%)
  • Adaptive Output Voltage Transient Detection
    • Keeps Output Overshoot and Undershoot < 10% for Most Dynamic Load Transitions
  • Configurable PFM Minimum Switching Frequency
    • Enables Low No-Load Standby Power Consumption (< 200mW)


  • Configurable PWM Maximum Switching Frequency
    • Optimizes for High Efficiency, Small Size
  • Active Start-Up – Reduces Turn-On Time without Increasing Stand-By Power
  • Fully Protected
    • Over-Voltage Protection
    • Over-Temperature Protection
    • Output Over-Voltage, Over-Current and Over-Load Protection
    • Brown-Out Protection


  • GU10, Candle, T8, Smart LED Lighting
  • Front-End Pre-Regulation

Block Diagrams

Typical Applications Diagram
Functional Block Diagram


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
iW3827 Product Summary 22/09/2017 Rev. 0.3

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