Dimmable Single-Stage 15W SSL LED Driver with Integrated High-Voltage FET

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Enables Easy, Low-Cost Bulb Design

The iW3658 is a highly integrated, high-performance LED driver for easy, low-cost dimmable bulb designs up to 15W. It features an integrated FET for low BOM cost and Dialog’s proprietary dimming control to enable compatibility with a wide range of dimmers, including TRIAC and digital.  It also provides smooth, flicker-free dimming across a wide dimming range.

Dialog’s patented VCC control technology used in the iW3658 removes the need for external start-up circuitry, eliminates ghosting, and provides fast start-up and consistent VCC charging control for stable parallel lamp performance to ensure simultaneous turn-on.

Full protection features in the iW3658 include Dialog's unique over-temperature protection (OTP) derating, which protects the LED driver by reducing output current drive to the LEDs during an over-temperature event. More on OTP here.


  • Output Power: 3 W to 15 W
  • Integrated High-Voltage MOSFET for Low BOM Cost
  • Good Dimmer Compatibility
    • Leading-Edge
    • Trailing-Edge
  • Smooth, Flicker-Free Dimming Across Wide Dimming Range


  • Patented VCC Control Technology
    • No Ghosting
    • No External Start-Up Circuitry
    • Fast Start-Up and Stable Parallel Lamp Performance
  • Fully Protected
    • LED Open/Short Circuit
    • Built-in Over-Temperature Protection for Cost-Effective Thermal Design


  • Dimmable LED Retrofit Lamps up to 15 W
    • A-style, BR, GU, PAR
  • Fits in E26/27 Socket for All-Glass Lamps

Block Diagrams

iW3658 Typical Applications Diagram
iW3658 Functional Block Diagram


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
iW3658 Product Summary 20/12/2018 Rev. 0.92

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