High PF, Off-Line LED Driver for 3W-15W Dimmable Solid State Lighting

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Solid state dimmable LED driver up to 15W

The iW3614 is a high performance AC/DC power supply controller optimized for dimmable LED luminaires requiring high Power Factor (PF). Designed to operate from a broad input voltage range of 100VAC to 230VAC the iW3614 provides an efficient solution for solid state lighting for LED luminaires in the 3W to 15W range.

Incorporating Dialog's proprietary Flickerless™ technology, the iW3614 removes LED flicker, provides high PF (>0.9) and permits usage with the industry's broadest range of dimmers. Additionally, the iW3614 incorporates Dialog's proprietary PrimAccurate™ primary-side control technology, minimizing the external component count by removing the need for both the traditional opto-isolator and external compensation components, reducing solution size and cost.

The iW3614 integrates an innovative over-temperature protection derating feature that uses an external NTC device to monitor the temperature of an LED luminaire. The OTP derating feature protects the LED driver circuit by reducing output current drive to the LEDs during an over-temperature event, enabling continous light output even in an overheating situation. For more information on this important protection feature, click here.


  • PrimAccurate™ - Isolated Off-Line AC/DC Controller
  • Integrates Dialog's Flickerless™ Technology - Removes LED Flicker
  • Ideal for 3W to 15W Off-Line LED Applications
  • 45Hz to 66Hz Line Frequency Range - 50Hz/60Hz Compatible
  • Broad Range of Dimmer Capability - Leading Edge, Trailing Edge and Non-Traditional R, R-C and R-L Types - Automatic Detection of Dimmer Type
    • 1% to 100% Wide Dimming Range - iW3614-00


  • Automatically Detects and Operates without Dimmer
  • Quasi-resonant Mode for Optimal Efficiency - >85% (Without Dimmer)
  • Low 10uA Start-Up Current
  • LED Temperature Protection - External NTC Input to Reduce Drive to LEDs in Over Temperature Condition


  • 3W to 15W Solid State Lighting Applications
  • Dimmable LED Luminaires

Block Diagrams

Typical Applications Diagram
Functional Block Diagram

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