LED Driver Secondary-Side PWM Signal Generator

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Supports 0-0.6V Analog Dimming

The iW338 is a generic PWM signal generator IC that converts a 0-0.6V analog voltage to an inverted 0%–100% PWM duty cycle. The PWM frequency range is set by an external capacitor and can be programmed from 100Hz to 50kHz. The output of the iW338 is a 5V PWM driver capable of driving an external optocoupler or MOSFET.


  • Input Voltage:8V to 60V
  • 1% PWM Duty Cycle Tolerance
  • Programmable PWM Frequency Range:100Hz to 50kHz


  • Integrated 5V LDO
  • For Inputs up to 60V
  • Reduces BOM Count


  • PWM Analog LED Dimming
  • Warm Dimming

Block Diagrams

iW338 Typical Applications Diagram
iW338 Functional Block Diagram


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
iW338 Product Summary 23/02/2019 Rev. 1.0

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