Advanced, Single-Stage, LED Driver Offers Best Dimming Performance and Dimmer Compatibility with Low BOM for 25W Retrofit Bulbs

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Superior dimmer compatibility and performance

The iW3689 is a single-stage, high performance SSL LED driver offering smooth, flicker- and shimmer-free dimming performance and exceptional compatibility with an ultra-wide range of phase-cut dimmers, including the most challenging TRIAC and digital dimmers. 

Dialog’s patented digital algorithms eliminate more than 20 components, including the external bleeder circuit, enabling integrated active biasing for high performance dimming at a lower BOM cost compared to conventional bleeder circuits. The iW3689 also works with off-the-shelf inductors to further reduce the BOM.

Full protection features include Dialog's unique over-temperature protection (OTP) derating, which monitors the temperature inside the sealed LED bulb and seamlessly reduces the drive to the LEDs if the temperature rises above a safe operating threshold, then restores brightness as temperature falls. The iW3689 integrates the temperature sensor and allows the user to configure the OTP thresholds.  More on OTP here.

For Higher Power Applications, see the iW3600, iW3605


  • Single-Stage Operation
  • Output Power: 3W to 25W
  • Low BOM Cost
    • Uses Low-Cost, Off-the-Shelf Inductor
    • Low External Component Count
    • No Added Cost for Potting
  • Widest Dimmer Compatibility
    • TRIAC and Digital
    • Automatic Detection of Dimmer Type


  • Highest Performance Phase-Cut Dimming
    • Excellent AC Line Distortion Immunity - Shimmer-Free Operation
    • Wide Dimming Range: 1% to 100%
    • Configurable Dimming Parameters
  • High Power Factor (PF) > 0.92
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 20%
  • Built-in, Configurable Over-Temperature Protection with Automatic Derating of LED Current


  • Dimmable Retrofit Bulbs up to 25W: A-style, BR, candle, GU10, PAR
  • External lighting ballast drivers
  • T8 LED tubes


Block Diagrams

Typical Applications Diagram
Functional Block Diagram


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
iW3689 Product Summary 18/12/2018 Rev. 1.11

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