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32-channel, internal current sinks 120mA per channel

The iW7032 integrates 32 open-drain current sinks, two LDOs and digital control for two external DC/DC converters (step-up or step-down) to provide a complete solution for LED backlighting in applications such as LCD TVs. Using Dialog's innovative BroadLED™ technology, the iW7032 maintains channel-to-channel current matching of better than 2% and integrates Dialog's proprietary adaptive switch technology, significantly reducing power loss in LED backlighting applications. 

Each LED channel can operate from a supply up to 56V at maximum average current of 150mA, with a peak current of 240mA when in adaptive switch mode. The iW7032 provides direct control of two external DC/DC converters which, through dynamic voltage control, selects the lowest possible voltage on the output of the DC/DC converter to maintain the minimum programmed current through the LED strings without wasting any additional energy.

This feature, along with the adaptive switch technology, which utilizes a proprietary pulse-width modulation (PWM) scheme to individually regulate the current in each string of LEDs to minimize power loss while maintaining channel-to-channel current matching, enables LCD TVs using the iW7032 as its backlighting controller to meet stringent Energy Star® standards established for HDTVs. The iW7032 protects each LED string from various fault conditions such as LED open/short on a cycle-by-cycle basis to maximize reliability. The IC itself is protected from faults like over voltage, over temperature and under-voltage lockout to ensure proper start-up and shutdown.


  • 32-Channel LED Driver, 56V max LED voltage capable at 120mA average, 192mA peak current/channel
    • 120mA max in dimming mode
    • 192mA max in scanning mode and in dimming mode with 60% adaptive-switch mode
  • Patented Adaptive-Switch Mode LED Driving Scheme to Maximize Channel Efficiency
  • 2 Controllers for External DC/DC Converters - Independent Dynamic Voltage Control of Each DC/DC


  • SPI Interface for High-Bandwidth Control and Local Dimming
  • LED Brightness Dimming - Local, Scanning and 3D Game Mode
    • PWM Dimming Range - 1% to 99.9% with 10-bit Resolution
    • PWM Dimming Frequency - NTSC - 100Hz to 2.4kHz; PAL - 120Hz to 2.4kHz; 3D Game - 96Hz to 2.4kHz
  • LED Fault Protection - Open and Short Circuit - Cycle-by-Cycle Protection
  • Over-temperature and UVLO
  • Synch Function Allows Synchronization with Additional iW70xx Products


  • Edgelit Local Dimming for LED TVs
  • Direct and Segment-Edge LED Backlit LCD TVs
  • LCD Public Information Displays

Block Diagrams

Typical applications diagram
Functional block diagram



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