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LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer

LonScanner-LSPA Packet Log

Network troubleshooting tool

The LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer is an easy-to-use Windows tool that lets manufacturers, system integrators, and end users observe, analyze, and diagnose the behavior of LON™ networks. It provides the advanced productivity features common in data network analyzers, adapted to the unique needs of control networks.


Captures, analyzes, characterizes, and displays all ISO/IEC 14908-1 packets on a channel, letting you analyze network activity and traffic patterns in detail

Supports receive filters that reduce the amount of logged data, helping you isolate problems faster

Receive filters can be based on packets to or from specific devices or network variables, and on packets using selected ISO/IEC 14908-1 protocol services

Saves all packets to log files

Summarizes network activity with summary statistics calculated from the received packets

Compatible with native ISO/IEC 14908-1 channels

Compatible with IP-852 channels (ISO/IEC 14908-4); IP-852 support requires a separately licensed LNS® Turbo Server on the same computer; IP-852 monitoring limited to packets forwarded to the LonScanner computer


Summary data log display with one packet per line.

Highlights related packets to simplify log analysis.

Displays device addresses, network variable addresses, and network variable data in raw form, providing compatibility with any network.

Displays device and network variable names, as well as network addresses based on user definitions or based on names from any LNS network database, including those generated by the LonMaker™ Integration Tool.

Simplifies data interpretation by formatting network variable values based on LonMark™ resource files.

Provides text descriptions of each message and a description of the ISO/IEC 14908-1 protocol services used to transmit it.

Eliminates the need to manually interpret the ones and zeros of the ISO/IEC 14908-1 protocol.

Shows detailed statistics related to network behavior, including total packet counts, error packet counts, and network loading.

Displays summary graphs summarizing network loading and error rates over time, simplifying the identification of excessive network traffic or communication errors at different times of the day.

Reduces the time and effort needed to diagnose network problems.

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LonScanner Datasheet (717.07 KB)
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Brochure: Deliver the Promise of the IoT (3.42 MB)
Software Resources
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LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer(3.71 KB)
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User guides and manuals
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IzoT Resource Editor User's Guide (1.34 MB)
LonScanner FX User’s Guide (2.95 MB)

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