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LNS DDE Server

LNS DDE Architecture

Provides simple LON compatibility with Windows DDE client

The LNS DDE Server is a software package that allows any DDE or SuiteLink-compatible Microsoft Windows® application to monitor and control LON networks - without programming.

Typical applications for the LNS DDE Server include interfaces with HMI applications, data logging and trending applications, and graphical process displays. 

LNS is the open, standard operating system for LON networks. Based on a powerful client/server architecture, LNS permits multiple installers or maintenance personnel to simultaneously access and modify a common database.

Features and Benefits

Interfaces HMI and visualization applications installed with LNS tools

Reads and writes network variables, configuration properties, and application messages

Supports LonMark™ functional blocks

Supports LON IP-852 (ISO/IEC 14908-4) channels for high-bandwidth workstation connectivity.

Supports over 3000 updates per second with high performance LNS 3 runtime.

Remote access via LNS or NetDDE

Supports multiple clients and networks on the same PC or multiple PCs

Provides easy client set-up with a point browser and DDE copy/paste link support

Use with hundreds of programs that support the Microsoft DDE protocol

Supports WonderwareSuiteLink and FastDDE protocol


PC Requirements

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 

Minimum Hardware

  • Pentium 200 
  • 128MB RAM 
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse or other pointing devices
  • 20MB available hard drive space
  • LNS or IP network interface

Recommended Hardware

  • Minimum with Windows XP, Pentium III 500, and 256MB RAM minimum

Database Requirements

Network database created with LNS network installation tool such as the LonMaker Integration Tool

LNS Compatibility LNS 3 client and server runtime included.

Compatible LNS network i.LON 1000 Internet Server, i.LON SmartServer, i.LON 100 Internet SmartServer

i.LON 10 interfaces and routers Ethernet Adapter, U10 and U20 USB Network Interface, PCLTA-20 PCI Card, PCLTA-10 ISA Card

PCC-10 PC Card, PCNSI ISA Card, and SLTA-10 Serial LonTalk Adapter

Network variables 4,096 maximum per host-based device; 254 maximum per Neuron™ Chip- or Echelon Smart Transceiver-hosted device

Open networks 64

DDE client applications 8 maximum for each LNS network interface

Active LNS DDE Servers per network 254 maximum

Network variable updates per second 3000 maximum

Function Description

Application devices 32,385 maximum

Address table entries 32,768 maximum

Application device types 32,385 maximum

Channels 1,000 maximum

Domains 1 maximum

Network variable selectors 12,288 maximum (may be shared)

Routers 1,000 maximum

Simultaneous outgoing transactions 1,000 maximum

Simultaneous incoming transactions 1,000 maximum

Name Date Version
LNS DDE Server Datasheet (490.4 KB)
Name Date Version
Brochure: Deliver the Promise of the IoT (3.42 MB)
Software Resources
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LNS DDE Server(3.71 KB)
User guides and manuals
Name Date Version
IzoT Resource Editor User's Guide (1.34 MB)
LNS DDE Server User’s Guide (7.3 MB)

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