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Industrial Edge Computing

Open Device and Data Integration Platform for Industrial IoT

Manufacturers, municipalities and building operators own critical assets, from HVAC to transportation and robotic systems, whose output, efficiency, and safety can be transformed with data. The digital transformation needed to map data from these assets to analytics and automation demands an edge computing architecture – comprised of IoT, wireless and LTE/5G, and industrial control systems – that seamlessly integrates with modern IT infrastructure. This requires an integration platform built on open networking and data standards that does not lock in user data, is extensible to both legacy and emerging IoT and controls protocols, with the freedom to process workloads at the edge or in the cloud.

Dialog’s edge computing platform weaves an industrial IoT-centric ‘data fabric’ that can connect any edge device - whether a sensor, meter or a machine - horizontally to its peers or vertically to automation and controls services, industrial and operational systems, and cloud or edge AI and analytics (IoT data fabric infographic). Furthermore, we remove the complexities of distributed control networks and we provide simple, secure access to the underlying device data with the software tools and support you need to build your edge application.

Learn about the benefits of our SmartServer IoT integration platform.

Industrial Edge Computing

Product Solutions

Dialog’s industrial edge computing product portfolio comprises ruggedized edge servers, routers and network interfaces, all engineered to simplify integration, management and monitoring of multi-vendor cross-domain industrial IoT edge systems.

SmartServer™ IoT Product Family


Our flagship SmartServer IoT Edge Server and companion interface expansion modules streamline integration of industrial controls in building and factory automation with edge and cloud computing infrastructure. SmartServer IoT features a complete software stack that delivers out-of-the-box support for industrial communications protocols, data abstraction and management, automation and control services, and IT (through web service APIs)/OT (through BMS and OPC UA interface) integration.

System integrators and solution providers no longer have to pull together expensive point solutions and code custom applications from scratch. SmartServer IoT features a simple-to-use web-based central management system (CMS) with integration and application development tools to support deployment workflows in large scale installtions. SmartServer IoT does not lock in user data, and enables best-of-breed visualization, analytics and AI alongside building automation, SCADA and PLC systems.

SmartServer IoT is extensible to any connectivity or data standard, enabling an edge computing architecture that is autonomous, distributed, resilient, and secure. With a unique combination of an open standards-based approach along with end-to-end integration support, SmartServer IoT stands apart from every other edge server or gateway, making development and integration fast and efficient, licensing very transparent, and system extensions easily supported.

SmartServer™ IoT Edge Server product page | Learn about the benefits of SmartServer IoT

IOX Expansion Module

U70 PL-20 DIN USB Network Interface

U60 FT and TP-1250 DIN USB Network Interfaces

U60 FT USB Network Interface Module

U20 USB Network Interface

U10 USB Network Interface

Software Tools

Dialog enables network integrators with software tools for creating, provisioning and monitoring industrial IoT networks.

IzoT™ Commissioning Tool (CT)

IzoT Net Server

LNS DDE Server

LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer


Our products are designed to create smart buildings, cities and factories. They enable customers to quickly develop solutions that meet the unique requirements of the industrial IoT, which include autonomous control, industrial-strength reliability and scalability.

These solutions reduce energy, operating and maintenance costs; monitor and sustain business-critical conditions; establish a platform for networked applications; and collect data for better asset utilization and powerful predictive analytics.

SmartServer IoT Partners

SmartServer IoT™ Partner Program

We’re working with skilled integrators, OEMs, solutions providers and value added resellers around the world to deliver diverse and complex industrial IoT projects.

Click the Partners link on this page to learn about our Partner Program and meet our partners (use the right arrow if the Partner tab is not visible). 

Contact us

For more information please contact us by email at

Edge Server and Routers

Full-featured industrial-grade edge servers and routers for modern control networks in building and industrial automation systems. These products enable device management, automation, data analytics, web services and edge computing/AI. Compatible with BMS and SCADA systems.

Product Description
SmartServer™ IoT Edge Server Multi-protocol edge server and router in DIN enclosure; line includes SmartServer Pro and SmartServer Pro EX
SmartServer IoT Router Bundle SmartServer IoT Pro model plus U60 FT DIN module(s)
SmartServer IoT Starter Kit Pre-wired network with SmartServer IoT and real world multi-protocol devices in rugged travel case; access to interface and configuration files and guided training

Network Interfaces

Compact USB interfaces for use with industrial field bus, communication and IoT networks, and analog or digital I/Os. These devices are used with workstations, edge servers, gateways, routers and PCs to connect with sensors, actuators and edge devices.

Product Description
IOX Expansion Module Programmable module with multiple configurable digital I/Os and serial interfaces in DIN enclosure (power metering optional)
U70 PL-20 USB Network Interface USB to LON™ and LON/IP PL-20 power line carrier network interface in DIN enclosure
U60 FT and TP-1250 DIN USB Network Interfaces The U60 TP-1250 DIN is a USB to LON and LON/IP TP-1250 network interface. The U60 FT DIN is a USB to LON and LON/IP FT network interface. Both are in DIN enclosures.
U60 FT USB Network Interface Module Board-level interface module from USB to LON and LON/IP FT
U20 USB Network Interface USB to LON PL-20 network interface dongle
U10 USB Network Interface USB to TP/FT-10 network interface dongle

Software Tools

LON and BACnet software for network design, provisioning, management and analysis/troubleshooting. These products enable network integrators to create open, interoperable systems.

Product Description
IzoT Commissioning Tool (CT) Front-end drag and drop tool for creating and provisioning LON and BACnet® FT networks
IzoT Net Server Back-end software platform provides LNS-compatible services for designing, installing, monitoring or controlling a network of devices
LNS DDE Server Allows any DDE or SuiteLink-compatible Windows application to monitor and control LON networks
LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer (available for free download) Software tool to observe, analyze, and diagnose the behavior of LON networks

For information about available legacy LON routers and network interfaces, originally from Echelon™, click here:


To download legacy software, originally from Echelon, click here.

Name Date Version
IOX Expansion Module Datasheet (804.3 KB)
IzoT Commissioning Tool Datasheet (486.23 KB) 14/10/2020
IzoT Net Server Datasheet (310.42 KB) 14/10/2020
LNS DDE Server Datasheet (490.4 KB)
LonScanner Datasheet (717.07 KB)
SmartServer IoT Datasheet (1 MB) 01/12/2021
SSIoT Router Bundle Datasheet (789.03 KB) 14/10/2020
U10/U20 USB Network Interface Datasheet (243.84 KB)
U60 DIN Datasheet (475.29 KB) 14/10/2020
U60 FT Datasheet (675.1 KB) 14/10/2020
U70 PL-20 USB Network Interface Datasheet (454.18 KB) 14/10/2020
Name Date Version
Brochure: Deliver the Promise of the IoT (3.42 MB)
Case study: Airedale Enhances HVAC with AI and Analytics (1.34 MB)
Case study: Airedale Enhances HVAC with AI and Analytics, printer-friendly version (2.55 MB)
Case study: Beringar Uses Renesas’ SmartServer IoT to Integrate its LoRaWAN Multi-Sensor Platform with Clients’ Building Management Systems (BMS)(705.96 KB)
Case Study: Global Associates Cuts Energy Costs for Retailer DFS by 30%(314.56 KB) 29/06/2021
Case study: SYSO Maximizes ROI with Green Energy Platform (1.28 MB)
Case study: SYSO Maximizes ROI with Green Energy Platform, printer-friendly version (3.33 MB)
Control and Monitor Critical Supply Chains with SmartServer IoT (1.8 MB) 23/04/2021
Control and Monitor Labs and Hospitals with SmartServer IoT (1.67 MB) 28/04/2021
Create Limitless Edge Applications with SmartServer IoT (2.91 MB) 19/03/2021
Excel at IoT Deployment from Start to Finish with SmartServer IoT (3.14 MB) 09/03/2021
Infographic: Edge Server Selection Criteria (571.19 KB) 09/02/2021
Integrating and Automating Systems for More Efficient Indoor Agriculture (2.13 MB) 16/04/2021
Integrating Traditional Monitoring with IoT for Cold Chain Logistics (2.04 MB) 23/04/2021
IoT Data Fabric Removes Barriers to Transformative AI and Analytics (650.49 KB) 13/02/2021
IzoT CT and Net Server Sellsheet (3.57 MB) 25/08/2020
Join an Open Industrial Ecosystem with SmartServer IoT (3.65 MB) 21/03/2021
SmartServer IoT Partner Program Sellsheet (1.41 MB)
SmartServer IoT Sellsheet (2.34 MB)
SmartServer IoT Starter Kit Sellsheet (975.05 KB)
SmartServer Software Maintenance Sellsheet (1.29 MB)
Software Resources
Name Date Version
IzoT Commissioning Tool (CT)(3.71 KB)
IzoT Net Server(3.71 KB)
IzoT Resource Editor(7.58 KB)
LNS DDE Server(3.71 KB)
LonScanner FX Protocol Analyzer(3.71 KB)
OpenLDV (13.05 KB)
U60 Driver Source (637.46 KB)
User guides and manuals
Name Date Version
IOX User Documentation (13.05 KB)
SmartServer IoT User's Guide and Technical Resources(13.05 KB)
IP-852 Channel User’s Guide (1009.64 KB)
IzoT Commissioning Tool (CT) User’s Guide (6.14 MB)
IzoT Resource Editor User's Guide (1.34 MB)
LNS DDE Server User’s Guide (7.3 MB)
LNS Plug-in Programmer’s Guide Release 4 (739.88 KB)
LNS Programmer’s Guide (2.4 MB)
LonScanner FX User’s Guide (2.95 MB)
LonWorks Network XML Programmer’s Guide (735.36 KB)
NodeUtil and NodeLoad User’s Guide (412.68 KB)
Open LNS Programmer’s Reference (5.7 MB)
U60 DIN User’s Guide (717.03 KB)
U60 FT and TP-1250 DIN Modules Online User’s Guide(13.05 KB)
U60 FT User Guide (636.21 KB)
U70 PL-20 User Guide (13.05 KB)
White Papers & Technical Articles
Name Date Version
Industrial IoT: A Recipe for Success (2.31 MB)
IoT Edge Server Selection Criteria for Building Automation & Industrial Controls (5.67 MB)
Name Date Version
Junction Box and Wiring Guideline for Twisted Pair LonWorks Networks (312.12 KB)
U60 Declaration of Conformity (334.8 KB)
USB Interfaces Declaration of Conformity (407.26 KB)
Video thumbnail, click to open and play

Introducing SmartServer IoT

Video thumbnail, click to open and play

SmartServer IoT Hardware Overview

Video thumbnail, click to open and play

SmartServer IoT Quick Start

Video thumbnail, click to open and play

Introduction to Industrial Edge Computing

Software tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs) are available from

SmartServer IoT™ Partner Program

The SmartServer IoT Partner Program gives systems integrators and OEM solution providers access to Dialog’s SmartServer IoT Edge Server and open software suite, including freely-available integration tools and APIs, certified training and premium support. It also opens the door to personalized onboarding and technical support ranging from integration to custom programming. Together with our partners, we accelerate secure, scalable integration of IoT edge devices and networks with cloud platforms and operational technologies (OT) found in smart buildings, cities and factories.

SmartServer IoT™ Partner Program

Program elements

  • Certified training, with personalized followup
  • Premium sales support
  • Advanced technical support
  • Lead sharing and co-marketing
  • Partner pricing tiers
  • Backed by the reputation of Dialog



For Systems Integrators

Integrate best-of-breed IoT sensors and devices with BMS (building management systems), analytics and AI applications running in your enterprise, or the cloud, using a built-in planning, integration and custom programming software

connected cloud

Secure IoT connection to any field device


Open planning and integration tools and services

drag drop

Drag-and-drop programming for sequences and dashboards

central management system

Web-based CMS for system configuration

For OEMS and Solution Providers

Freely access industrial IoT devices for your automation, controls and analytics solutions without getting lost in the complexity of industrial protocols and distributed control systems


Open driver framework and library

Open driver framework and library

Easy-to-use web services APIs to access device data

modular blocks

Modular hardware design and interface

Modular hardware design and interface

Device and data management services

smartserver city

Gain a competitive edge with SmartServer IoT

  • Win complex, demanding projects that require integration of IoT, BMS and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems with modern edge and cloud platforms
  • Completely avoid vendor lock-in to proprietary systems, management software or cloud platforms
  • Reduce planning and engineering time with built-in integration tools and features that follow industry best practices
  • Create custom programs and visualization for clients with built-in no/low code programming tools and freely-available APIs

SmartServer IoT is priced to compete and supported by a world-class team, pioneering controls and automation for over 30 years


Learn More

SmartServer IoT Partner Program Sellsheet

To watch our video, Introducing SmartServer IoT, please click on the Videos tab above; SmartServer IoT collateral is available in the Resources tab


Meet our Partners

Aditel logo

Aditel, based in Madrid, Spain, provides training, products, technical support and consulting to system integrators for complex multi-protocol projects in the building, urban and industrial automation markets.

IoT Labs logo

Norway-based IoT Labs boasts 25 years’ experience with LonWorks and delivers embedded and cloud solution development, and system integration for applications from street lighting to building automation.

Global Associates logo

UK-based Global Associates is a leading BEMS solutions provider, helping customers significantly reduce energy consumption, enhance profitability, reduce carbon footprints and meet environmental regulations.

Engenuity Systems logo

Engenuity Systems adds value to networked products through engineering services, including custom/pre-programming services, project management, and drafting and design services, from their Arizona shop.


London-based Delmatic is full of innovative ideas to save energy, enhance sustainability, simplify installation, reduce costs and make advanced controls intuitive and accessible to all.


Citylone is a French manufacturer of products dedicated to public lighting with expertise in RF and powerline lighting management solutions.

Western Allied Corporation

Western Allied Corporation is a leading designer and builder of A-grade commercial and industrial HVAC systems for smart buildings in Southern California.

VaCom Technologies

Leaders in refrigeration, energy efficiency, and industrial controls, VaCom Technologies, headquartered in the USA, designs, implements, and monitors high-payback industrial refrigeration control systems.


UK-based Airedale International Air Conditioning is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency thermal management solutions with expertise designing and integrating BMS and HVAC controls for data centers, retail and telecom facilities.


UK-based Prolojik delivers a connected future by creating innovative light and data solutions for people and property to work in harmony, and ensures flexibility by embracing open technology and international standards.


Smartia, based in the UK, focuses on industrial intelligence technology, providing scalable AI solutions that connect and transform industrial data into actionable insights.


USA-based SIGNET delivers comprehensive technology expertise in the areas of life safety, communications, security, healthcare communications, audio visual, wireless connectivity, mission critical technologies program management and service.

tyrrell systems ltd

Tyrrell Systems Limited, based in the UK, provides intelligent solutions for control, monitoring, integration and unified user interaction in small and large buildings, providing advantages beyond those available with traditional control or BMS systems.


Founded in 1944, Pasadena, CA-based Parsons Corporation delivers cyber/converged security, technology-based intellectual property, and other innovative services to government agencies, as well as to private industrial customers worldwide.


Malaysian-based Frost Technologies provides real-time energy management and automation for refrigeration and HVAC, delivering cost-effective, safe and environmentally responsible solutions to reduce energy use.

Control Technologies Logo

US-based Control Technologies, Inc. designs and implements innovative solutions for controlling building environments, manages multi-site facilities, and reduces energy and operational costs throughout New England and New York City.


Vimana, headquartered in California, is a global provider of a flexible, extensible, and open industrial analytics platform designed to help customers transform operations, leverage data to facilitate change, and grow revenues.

buildings IoT

California-based Buildings IOT works to increase the longevity of building assets while improving occupant comfort and achieving greater efficiency through cloud-based analytics software and complex BMS integration.

Smart Ops IoT Systems

Bahrain-based Smart Ops IoT Systems is dedicated to spearheading digitalization in the Middle East and Africa by creating digital ecosystems with an open device and data integration platform for industrial IoT.

TEC Systems Logo

TEC Systems, with facilities in New York and Boston, innovates building automation solutions from system design and engineering to commissioning and maintenance, accommodating facility needs and guaranteeing energy efficient processes and analysis.

Luminext logo

Netherlands-based Luminext provides smart lighting technology for large scale public lighting networks including a range of lamp controllers, secure connections and the Luminizer management platform to manage, control and maintain public lighting infrastructure.

Beringar logo

Beringar creates clever spaces with smart building sensors powered by machine learning technology, opening the door to more sustainable, comfortable and efficient spaces that are better for the people that use them


Controlco specializes in products and knowledge for Buildings IOT, and distribute the industry's best controllers, sensors, software, networking devices and accessories. With dedicated sales and support teams, Controlco offers controls contractors and system integrators all of the tools necessary to provide consistent professional solutions to high quality clients in smart buildings and commercial real estate.

phoenix controls

Phoenix Controls is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision airflow control systems for use in critical room environments; it offers innovative, technologically sound airflow and pressurization control solutions that combine unparalleled safety and performance with value and energy savings.

Industrial Edge Computing and LON support are available at