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Industrial ASICs

Custom ASICs meet highest functional safety & reliability requirements

The Industrial Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 is driving some of the most complex networking and electronic system solutions in the world today. Our high-performance mixed-signal ASICs, embedded with microprocessors, memory and connectivity, connect the physical world to the cyber world.

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Case Studies


Industrial Automation Case Study


Industrial Case Study


RF ASIC Validation of satellite transceiver

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Factory Automation Case Study


Benefits Over Discrete Design

Differentiated Solutions – differentiate your product from the competition through integration

Optimized Performance – meet your performance requirements without having to make any trade-offs

Smallest Size – achieve up to 75% reduction in die size through integration

IP Protection – integrate your proprietary IP into silicon making it secure

Designed to Industry Standards – whatever standards you need to meet, can be achieved as part of the design & manufacturing process

Function Safety – ASICs designed to ISO 26262

Improved Reliability – reducing your bill of materials through integration means less components to place and thus improved reliability

Security of Supply – ownership of the design gives better security of supply

cc diagram

Complex Application Specific ICs (ASICs) Secure your IP & Improve Performance

Complex specific systems in industrial and automation technology often require tailor-made semiconductor solutions. The additional implementation of modern processor cores and the use of varying memory blocks, sensors and I/O generate entire systems-on-chip (SoC). We give our customers a decisive and competitive advantage by providing bespoke, high quality, high-performance ASIC design without compromising on cost and time-to-market. Our proven design, development, and operations flow has successfully delivered time and again high volume ASICs to the most demanding customers in the world.

Our ASIC products operate in the most challenging markets requiring the highest quality standards. Renesas (former Dialog) has been developing and supplying ASICs for over two decades. We take into consideration throughout the design and production process all necessary standards for certifications required for our customer and their market.

We work closely with our customers from concept through to supply to ensure we deliver on time, every time. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Blending Analog and Digital

We have a large library of silicon proven IP available for use in our ASICs and design expertise focused on combining analog circuits with complex digital processors. We’ve been doing this successfully for decades, so you can be confident that your entire system will be optimized.

"Security First" Design Philosophy

While security is a growing concern, it’s often considered too late in the design process. Our Security First philosophy means we design in security at the very start.

IP Portfolio that Accelerates your Design​

Our silicon-proven IP fast-tracks ASIC development

ip portfolio

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Case Studies
Name Date Version
Factory Automation Case Study (278.62 KB)
Industrial Automation Case Study (261.91 KB)
Industrial Case Study (191.41 KB)
RF ASIC Validation of satellite transceiver (334.34 KB) 22/12/2021 1.1
Name Date Version
ASIC Overview (712.72 KB)
RF Systems on Chip (7.86 MB)
Silicon IP Overview (222.78 KB)
SmartEdge Platform Overview (397.69 KB)
White Papers & Technical Articles
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5 Things You Did Not Know about Custom ASICs (119.83 KB) 22/12/2021 1.1
5 Tips for Creating a Custom Asic (87.15 KB) 22/12/2021 1.0
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Pipeline vs. Sigma Delta ADC for Communications Applications (295.3 KB) 22/12/2021 1.1
The Evolution of SAR ADCs for High Sampling Rate Applications (345.17 KB) 22/12/2021 1.1

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Enabling your product vision with custom ASICs

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Tech Series: Industrial ASICs

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Advanced Industrial Bus Controller

bus controller diagram


3 x 250 MBit/s PHY with extended common mode range

Integrated openMSP430 CPU subsystem with 64 kB Flash and 64 kB RAM 

Combined LDO/buck converter for 1.2V core voltage 

IO ADCs (3x10bit) and IO DACs (16 x 2 MS/s, 2x100 kS/s) 

PLL with and without spread spectrum 

External micro controller interface 

LED matrix outputs

Package BGA-100, pitch 0.8 mm, 9x9 mm 


PHY with low and constant latency

Flexible IO configuration for digital interfaces or analog sensors

3 PHY instances allow various network topologies

PHYs contain clock and time stamping unit


Decentral IO modules

Industry 4.0

Machine to Machine communication

Fieldbus for realtime communication

Differential Current Measurement (Electrical Safety)

differential current measurement


0,35 µm HVCMOS process

Supply voltage monitoring (POR)

10-Bit DAC

SPI interface

Supply of the transformers

Can be used for EV charging cables


Measurement rate up to 5 k samples/sec

On-chip clock generation of 12 MHz with fast start-up for external µC

External 32 kHz quartz as timing reference

12 Bit resolution

Error monitoring

Integrated function test

Programmable gain & offset

Included DC/DC converter


AC and DC residual current monitoring in

Industrial automation

High tech charger

Assembly lines

DSRC Baseband ASIC for Toll Collection

dsrc asic block


Compliant with DSRC-standard

Support for 1.5MHz and 2MHz subcarrier

Operation in Half-Duplex-mode

Automatic wake-up on DSRC-preamble

Few external components

High-speed SPI-interface to external controller

Power-management for external controller (on-chip- LDO)

On-chip clock-generation with fast startup

32kHz-xtal-osc as timing-reference


Ultra-low-power standby-mode

DES algorithm in hardware

On chip battery backed 8kB-SRAM accessible via SPI


On board unit for electronic toll collection

FPGA ASIC Conversion

fpga asic block


Single-chip solution with integrated CPU and NVM (for example flash or EEPROM)

Power reduction (3-4x)

High quality due to customized test

Low-cost drop-in replacement

Enhanced performance

Long-term availability


Cost reduction

Size reduction

Best fitting technical solution


Replacement of all FPGA-applications with high series production volumes running under a stable technical specification for long product lifetime.

LCD Matrix Driver

lcd matrix


0.8 µm HV-CMOS process

Selectable static or muxed LCD driver

Programmable mux mode (2x38, 4x36 oder 8x32 pixels)

Drives up to 40 segments in static mode

Dual RAM for display storage addressable as 8 x 40 words

LCD blanking by BLANK bit and STR signal

All segments on by SET bit

On chip LCD bias voltage generation

CSP with gold bumps


Chip scale package

Chip on glass mountable


LCD matrix displays

Optical Sensor ASIC for Distance Measurement

opto asic block


Integrated photo diode line array with TIA pre-amps

High speed/accuracy laser diode driver

High speed 8 Bit-ADC

Digital signal processing for distance measurement

Optical clear chip scale package (TSV)

High sensitivity

Anti-reflective coating


High ambient light suppression

Smallest package, CSP with TSV technology

Anti reflecting coating


Industrial optical distance sensor

Inductive Proximity Sensor ASIC



Inductive proximity sensor ASIC

36V IO-Link compliant switching unit for resistive and inductive loads

Integrated 16-bit microcontroller running fully featured IO-Link device stack

Temperature compensation of detection point

Reverse polarity protection

Short circuit protected

Measurement principle selectable (ping mode or oscillator mode)


Complete System on Chip

Embedded µC

Royalty free solution

Embedded IO-Link interface


Industrial proximity sensor application

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