FCF102: Front-end IC (Low Noise Amplifier) for Mid/High-band(1452 ~ 1600MHz, 1805 ~ 2690HMz) LTE applications

Front-end IC


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The FCF102 is a front-end low noise amplifier (LNA) for LTE receiver applications. It covers the frequency range 1452MHz ~ 1600MHz and 1805MHz ~ 2690MHz. The LNA has a high gain mode and bypass gain mode. It operates from 1.5 V to 3.3 V supply voltage. In the high gain mode, the LNA provides 13.6 dB gain, 0.75 dB NF (noise figure), 0.8 dBm in-band IIP3 (input 3rd order intercept point) at a current consumption of 4.7 mA. In the bypass gain mode, the LNA provides -2.6 dB gain, 2.6 dB NF, 25.8 dBm IIP3.


  • Frequency range: 1452 ~ 1600MHz, 1805 ~ 2690MHz
  • High gain mode: 13.6dB Gain, 0.75dB NF, 0.8dBm IIP3
  • Bypass mode: -2.6dB Gain, 2.6dB NF, 25.8dBm IIP3


  • Only one inductor is need for input matching
  • No external component is need for output matching
  • Supply voltage: 1.5 ~ 3.3V


  • Low Noise Amplifier for mid/high-band(1452 ~ 1600MHz, 1805 ~ 2690MHz) LTE applications;
0.75mm X 0.49mm 6-pins die

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