FCF101: Front-end IC (Low Noise Amplifier) for Low-band(716 ~ 960MHz) LTE applications

Front-end IC


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The FCF101 is a front-end low noise amplifier (LNA) for LTE receiver applications. It covers the frequency range from 716 MHz to 960 MHz. The LNA has a high gain mode and bypass gain mode. It operates from 1.5V to 3.3V supply voltage. In the high gain mode, the LNA provides 15 dB gain, 0.7 dB NF (noise figure), 0 dBm in-band IIP3 (input 3rd order intercept point) at a current consumption of 5.5 mA. In the bypass gain mode, the LNA provides -2.2 dB gain, 2.2 dB NF, 26 dBm IIP3.




  • Frequency range: 716 ~ 960MHz
  • High gain mode: 15dB Gain, 0.7dB NF, 0dBm IIP3
  • Bypass mode: -2.2dB Gain, 2.2dB NF, 26dBm IIP3


  • Only one inductor is need for input matching
  • No external component is need for output matching
  • Supply voltage: 1.5 ~ 3.3V


  • Low Noise Amplifier for low-band (716 ~ 960MHz) LTE applications
0.75mm X 0.49mm 6-pins die

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