FCF001: Front-end IC (Low Noise Amplifier) for TV Application

Front-end IC


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FCF001 is primarily designed for a receiver LNA of ISDB-T and T-DMB system. This chip provides two-step gain control to improve dynamic range and receiver performance. FCF001 is manufactured with a CMOS process, and is packaged in a lead-free small package.




  • Frequency range: VHF 100~300MHz, UHF 300~900MHz
  • Noise Figure: 1.45dB
  • Gain control
    • High gain: 12.5dBD@470MHz
    • Low gain: -3.5dB@470Mhz
  • Supply voltage: 1.8V


  • Current consumption
    • High gain: 12.5dBD@470MHz
    • Low gain: -3.5dB@470Mhz


  • Low Noise Amplifier for TV application
1.1mm x 0.7mm 6-pin DFN

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