Evaluation Kit for AS3824

Evaluation Kit for AS3824

The AS3824 is a 16-channel high precision LED controller for use in LCD-backlight panels. Dynamic power feedback controls the external power supply to guarantee best efficiency. One high accurate global 10 bit DAC can be used to set the LED current as well as each channel has its own additional 8 bit DAC to boost the dynamic range of LED Backlight systems.

Each channel is equipped with an independent PWM generator which can also be synchronized to an external synchronization signal (VSYNC).

A fast mode supports minimum PWM duty cycle operation which helps to further reduce the energy consumption of modern LED Backlight systems.

The PWM generator clock can be generated internally (DPLL) or an external clock source can be connected to the HSYNC input.

Built-in safety features include thermal shutdown as well as open and short LED detection. The device is programmable via serial interface (SPI)

Kit Content

  1. Evaluation Board AS3824
  2. LED Board
  3. USB flash drive Includes document and software
  4. Power supply 15V
  5. USB Box cable

Product photograph

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