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AN-CM-272 Extending Dialog's IPS Maximum Operating Current This application note describes how to extend the maximum operating current range of Dialog integrated power switches while preserving all protection features 1.19 MB
AN-CM-268: Applying Dialog Integrated Power Switches in Bidirectional Applications This application note describes how to use Dialog unidirectional integrated power switches in bidirectional applications 752.01 KB
SLG59H1012V Datasheet HFET1™ High-Voltage Integrated Power Control Switch 1.25 MB
AN-1160 Power Switching for Inductive Loads in Surge and Noise Sensitive Applications In this app note, two high-side switching methods are evaluated: a relay for “instantaneous” switching, and the SLG59H1012V HFET which has a programmable output dV/dt 4.67 MB