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SLG47105 Datasheet Configurable Mixed-signal Matrix with Advanced High Voltage Features 4.12 MB
SLG47105 Errata Sheet SLG47105 Errata Sheet 516.12 KB
UM-GP-001 User Manual SLG47105V Evaluation Board Quick Start 1.71 MB
UM-GP-003 User Manual SLG47105 Demo Board 1.51 MB
AN-CM-295 Stepper Motor Driver This application note describes HVPAK configured as stepper motor driver with current mode control 2.01 MB
AN-CM-296 Smart Lock Motor Driver with Voltage Regulation This application note describes GreenPAK, configured as a Brushed DC motor driver with constant voltage regulation and motor on/off control by current sensing 1.01 MB
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products 616.83 KB
AN-CM-298 Smart Lock Motor Driver with Battery Discharge Compensation This application note describes the High Voltage GreenPAK IC design configuration as an integrated smart lock motor driver with dynamic overcurrent detection that accommodates varying supply voltages and loads 846.9 KB