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AN-1061 POR Operation for GreenPAK™ IC's This application note details the GreenPAK POR block and chip behavior during power up. With this description, the user can create robust designs more quickly. 529 KB
AN-1062 GreenPAK Macro Cell Design Constructing additional DFF types The DFFs presented in this app note can be used in designs where additional flip flop cells are required. Flexibility and simplicity of the proposed circuits allow efficient adaptation to specific designs 815.09 KB
AN-1071 Delay Cell Calculations in GreenPAK3 Family CMIC’s This application note describes a way to calculate the accuracy of the delay cell in a GreenPAK in different cases. 1.02 MB
AN-1094 Mobile Dino Game This application note describes how to implement a popular mobile dine game 743.21 KB
AN-1157 Adding Security to 433MHz Wireless Communication This application note describes how to transmit signals securely by adding pseudo random coding when using low-cost transmitter and receiver modules 852.93 KB
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products 788.64 KB
SLG46722 Datasheet GreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix 910.21 KB
SLG46722 Errata Chips' issues and their workaround 596.38 KB
AN-1028 GPIO ExpanderSingle Wire Interface A Single Wire Interface (SWI) system is designed to reduce the number of wires in serial data communication. It is particularly useful in mobile devices because it increases the reliability of the product while reducing its size and cost 564.42 KB
AN-1043 Delay Cell Configuration with Auto Powerdown This note describes the behavioral differences among the GreenPAK chips, and the suggested circuit configuration 513.33 KB
AN-1049 Infared Proximity Sensor Learn how to implement an infrared proximity sensor using GreenPAK 495.5 KB
AN-1050 Ultrasonic Rangefinder An ultrasonic rangefinder can be easily implemented using a GreenPAK CMIC. This design can be very useful in applications such as: automotive parking sensors, industrial distance approximation, robotics, etc. 575.55 KB