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AN-1131 8 Channel Digital Input Data Acquisition Card using LABVIEW This application note shows how Digital data is transferred from GreenPAK™ SLG46620V to a computer and received by LabVIEW VI 517.51 KB
AN-CM-224 How to Test and Debug GreenPAK using a Website This project shows how a GreenPAK™ design can be tested, debugged, and controlled using a website 921.8 KB
AN-1025 1.0uA Battery Voltage Monitor 1.0uA Battery Voltage Monitor 593.52 KB
AN-1132 8 Channel Digital Output Data Acquisition card using LABVIEW This application note shows how Digital data is transferred from a computer (using LabVIEW) to a GreenPAK™ SLG46620V, which then drives relays with 220VAC / 10A contact rating 1.49 MB
AN-CM-225 Smart LED Dimmer Controlled via Bluetooth This application note describes how to build a smart digital dimmer using GreenPAK™ SLG46620V 763.81 KB
AN-1055 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design Wireless Remote Shutter Release In this application note both Nikon and Canon wireless remotes are designed with a single GreenPAK chip 2.82 MB
AN-1136 LED Matrix Sequential Character Display This application note describes how to control an 8x8 LED matrix with a GreenPAK™ Configurable Mixed-signal IC 704.79 KB
AN-1114 Brushless DC Motor Control A GreenPAK configuration applicable for a single-phase BLDC motor is introduced using SLG46620V 946.28 KB
AN-1056 Macro circuit design ADC PWM This application note provides a working design example of a PWM using ADC to control the output duty cycle 408.92 KB
AN-1137 Serial Output Tips & Techniques This application note demonstrates various ways to output data serially from GreenPAK™ devices 321.28 KB
AN-CM-242 Binary Parity Generator and Checker This app note implements a Binary Parity Generator and Checker with two data input variants, a parallel data input and a serial data input 532.72 KB
AN-1061 POR Operation for GreenPAK™ IC's This application note details the GreenPAK POR block and chip behavior during power up. With this description, the user can create robust designs more quickly. 266.64 KB
AN-1141 A Two-Button Touch Sensor This application note describes how to create a simple, compact, and low cost touch sensor, that can be used in many devices to detect fingers touching a surface or two-button area 1017.31 KB
AN-CM-244 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Control with Hall Sensors This application note describes how to control a 3-phase brushless DC motor using a GreenPAK 841.36 KB
AN-1065 SPI Serial-Parallel Converter Slave SPI can provide data conversion, and transfer data from one device to others. Also, when parallel ports are just not feasible, a single serial port gets used. This serial signal can be converted to parallel information by the SLG46620V IC 328.11 KB
AN-1159 Accurate Mains Frequency Monitor with Calibration This application note shows how to design a frequency deviation monitor that signals an alert if the frequency deviates by a specified margin 288.24 KB
AN-CM-257 Random Pulse Width Modulation for Three-Phase Inverter Applications This application note provides details of RPWM signal generation for driving three phase inverters using the SLG46620 CMIC 827.7 KB
AN-1066 Voltage Slope Direction Determination Circuit This application note shows how to use a single GreenPAK Configurable Mixed-signal IC to design a circuit to determine whether the input voltage is rising, falling, or constant in time 398.75 KB
AN-1083 SPI Parallel to Serial Converter This application note demonstrates the SPI macro-cell’s parallel to serial (P2S) mode configuration 283.4 KB
AN-1164 Cycle Stealing Control This application note describes how to create a cycle stealing control unit for AC line-powered loads 658.03 KB