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AN-CM-244 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Control with Hall Sensors This application note describes how to control a 3-phase brushless DC motor using a GreenPAK 841.36 KB
AN-1065 SPI Serial-Parallel Converter Slave SPI can provide data conversion, and transfer data from one device to others. Also, when parallel ports are just not feasible, a single serial port gets used. This serial signal can be converted to parallel information by the SLG46620V IC 590.17 KB
AN-1141 A Two-Button Touch Sensor This application note describes how to create a simple, compact, and low cost touch sensor, that can be used in many devices to detect fingers touching a surface or two-button area 1.27 MB
AN-CM-257 Random Pulse Width Modulation for Three-Phase Inverter Applications This application note provides details of RPWM signal generation for driving three phase inverters using the SLG46620 CMIC 827.7 KB
AN-1066 Voltage Slope Direction Determination Circuit This application note shows how to use a single GreenPAK Configurable Mixed-signal IC to design a circuit to determine whether the input voltage is rising, falling, or constant in time 661.73 KB
AN-1159 Accurate Mains Frequency Monitor with Calibration This application note shows how to design a frequency deviation monitor that signals an alert if the frequency deviates by a specified margin 544.22 KB
AN-CM-271 PWM Frequency Converter This application note describes how to shift the frequency of a PWM signal without changing the duty cycle 680.44 KB
AN-1083 SPI Parallel to Serial Converter This application note demonstrates the SPI macro-cell’s parallel to serial (P2S) mode configuration 544.84 KB
AN-1164 Cycle Stealing Control This application note describes how to create a cycle stealing control unit for AC line-powered loads 914.64 KB
AN-CM-273 Control RGB LED Color Via Bluetooth This application note describes how to control a RGB LED using an Android application via Bluetooth; this project demonstrates how to build an Android application and design the GreenPAK controller to make an integrated project. 540.16 KB
AN-1084 High Speed Level Shifting With Dual Supply GreenPAK (Japanese) High Speed Level Shifting With Dual Supply GreenPAK (Japanese) 541.47 KB
AN-1168 Tire Pressure Sensor In this application note, SLG46620V is used in a car safety system application as the ADC and preprocessing unit of a bigger system 1.53 MB
AN-CM-274 Temperature to Frequency Conversion Using GreenPAK This application note describes a simplified technique for directly converting a temperature sensor analog signal to digital frequency using GreenPAK. This application note comes complete with design files which can be found in the References section. 1.32 MB
AN-1085 GreenPAK Boiling Teapot Effect LED's Indicator This boiling teapot effect indicator design vividly demonstrates some of the capability of GreenPAK CMIC’s. This project can be adapted to various designs where many LEDs are used 1.71 MB
AN-1175 A High Voltage DC-DC Сonverter A detailed explanation of the DC-DC fly-back converter using a SLG46620V is presented 2.97 MB
AN-CM-275 Automotive Turn Signal with Animation Many automotive manufacturers provide animated front and rear LED patterns in the indicator lights for aesthetics and as their trademark. 1.73 MB
AN-1093 Collision Avoidance Controller This application note demonstrates how to make a vehicle collision avoidance system using a single SLG46620V GreenPAK CMIC 938.03 KB
AN-1184 Remote Control IR Receiver Decoder This design is a configurable remote control infrared receiver and decoder. It also performs address and command comparison, and provides a matching true indicator 2.29 MB
AN-CM-281 8-channels Analog max-min Voltage Monitor This application note implements a max (or min) voltage finder among several analog inputs. It describes the functional logic, GreenPAK implementation and the obtained results. 1.57 MB
AN-1101 Unclocked Quadrature Decoder This app note will explain how to create an Unclocked Quadrature Decoder with a GreenPAK device 584.97 KB