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AN-1080 GreenPAK Pulse Induction Metal Detector-Security Wand This app note demonstrates pulse induction (PI) single coil metal detection using a single GreenPAK IC 920.69 KB
AN-CM-273 Control RGB LED Color Via Bluetooth This application note describes how to control a RGB LED using an Android application via Bluetooth; this project demonstrates how to build an Android application and design the GreenPAK controller to make an integrated project. 540.16 KB
AN-1136 LED Matrix Sequential Character Display This application note describes how to control an 8x8 LED matrix with a GreenPAK™ Configurable Mixed-signal IC 985 KB
AN-1191 Wall Following Robot This application note describes how to design an obstacle detection and avoidance system using a GreenPAK along with a few external ultrasonic and infrared (IR) sensors 2.91 MB
AN-1083 SPI Parallel to Serial Converter This application note demonstrates the SPI macro-cell’s parallel to serial (P2S) mode configuration 544.84 KB
AN-CM-273 GP 6.2 KB
AN-1137 Serial Output Tips & Techniques This application note demonstrates various ways to output data serially from GreenPAK™ devices 606.41 KB
AN-1197 Ambient Conditions Monitoring of Power Transformer using GreenPAK™ In this app note, the ambient condition monitoring of a transformer is proposed using the SLG46620V GreenPAK CMIC as the main controlling element 2.82 MB
AN-1084 High Speed Level Shifting With Dual Supply GreenPAK (Japanese) High Speed Level Shifting With Dual Supply GreenPAK (Japanese) 541.47 KB
AN-CM-274 Temperature to Frequency Conversion Using GreenPAK This application note describes a simplified technique for directly converting a temperature sensor analog signal to digital frequency using GreenPAK. This application note comes complete with design files which can be found in the References section. 1.32 MB
AN-1141 A Two-Button Touch Sensor This application note describes how to create a simple, compact, and low cost touch sensor, that can be used in many devices to detect fingers touching a surface or two-button area 1.27 MB
AN-1198 Power Generator Protection through Differential Relay using GreenPAK™ This application note describes how to design a 3-phase power generator protection scheme using the GreenPAK IC as the main controlling element 1.08 MB
AN-1200 True Random Number Generator Hardware GreenPAK can be used to implement a compact true random number generator that requires no external components (except for decoupling capacitors), and generates true random numbers at a rate of 20 kbit/s 1.06 MB
AN-1085 GreenPAK Boiling Teapot Effect LED's Indicator This boiling teapot effect indicator design vividly demonstrates some of the capability of GreenPAK CMIC’s. This project can be adapted to various designs where many LEDs are used 1.71 MB
AN-CM-275 Automotive Turn Signal with Animation Many automotive manufacturers provide animated front and rear LED patterns in the indicator lights for aesthetics and as their trademark. 1.73 MB
AN-1149 Auxiliary Smartphone Battery Power Management Circuit This application note shows that the power management controller and the LiPo charger (including the buck and boost DC-DC converters) can easily be implemented using a GreenPAK 3.83 MB
AN-1204 DTMF Tone Generator This application note describes how to implement a DTMF Tone Generator using a GreenPAK SLG46620V and a SLG88104V OpAmp 704.6 KB
AN-1086 Current Monitor with 2 digit LED Display This app note describes how to build a current monitor system using a programmable CMIC (SLG46620), a precision current shunt monitor (INA199A2), an LDO (LP2951), and two 7-segment LED displays 903.84 KB
AN-CM-281 8-channels Analog max-min Voltage Monitor This application note implements a max (or min) voltage finder among several analog inputs. It describes the functional logic, GreenPAK implementation and the obtained results. 1.57 MB
AN-1155 Smart Home Controller This application note shows how to create a voice-activated Smart Home controller 2.11 MB