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AN-CM-219 IR Windshield Rain Sensor In this application note a rain and ice sensor is implemented by analyzing the reflection of an infrared (IR) light source using GreenPAK™ SLG46620V 1.11 MB
AN-1101 Unclocked Quadrature Decoder This app note will explain how to create an Unclocked Quadrature Decoder with a GreenPAK device 323.69 KB
AN-CM-287 IR Decoder for Multi-speed AC Motor Control This app note details the configuration of a 3-speed single-phase motor control circuit. It also covers the making of an IR decoder circuit compatible with the NEC protocol in order to control the motor remotely 775.58 KB
AN-1164 Cycle Stealing Control This application note describes how to create a cycle stealing control unit for AC line-powered loads 658.03 KB
AN-1079 High Speed Level Shifter With Dual Supply GreenPAK High Speed Level Shifter With Dual Supply GreenPAK 418.23 KB
AN-1130 Gandalf's Staff with GreenPAK™ Gandalf's Staff project comprises a pulsing RGB LED at the end, controlled by a SLG46620V CMIC, and a 3-axis accelerometer sensor 228.34 KB
AN-1075 GreenPAK™ Voltmeter with 2 digit LED Display This application note describes how to create a 2-digit Voltmeter with 7-segment display 1.15 MB
AN-1102 I2C-Readable Analog to Digital Converter This app note will explain how to use GreenPAK to measure an analog voltage, convert it to a digital value using an 8-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), transmit the data via I2C, and read the I2C command using an Arduino Uno Microcontroller 383.67 KB
SLG46620-A Datasheet SLG46620-A Datasheet 2.2 MB
AN-1165 Room Thermostat This app note shows that the GreenPAKs can implement a room thermostat thanks to its flexibility and configurability 12.67 MB
AN-1082 LED Snowfall Effects Lights Learn how to make a 64-LED snowfall effect light using a single SLG46620V GreenPAK CMIC 338.48 KB
AN-CM-224 How to Test and Debug GreenPAK using a Website This project shows how a GreenPAK™ design can be tested, debugged, and controlled using a website 921.8 KB
AN-1113 Security Door Lock with Keypad Entry This application note shows how to design a door lock that opens with a basic security code 782.21 KB
AN-1168 Tire Pressure Sensor In this application note, SLG46620V is used in a car safety system application as the ADC and preprocessing unit of a bigger system 1.28 MB
AN-1025 1.0uA Battery Voltage Monitor 1.0uA Battery Voltage Monitor 593.52 KB
AN-CM-225 Smart LED Dimmer Controlled via Bluetooth This application note describes how to build a smart digital dimmer using GreenPAK™ SLG46620V 763.81 KB
AN-1120 Bluetooth-Controlled CarRobot This application note shows how to make a car/robot controller with Bluetooth and an Android app sing a SLG46620V GreenPAK™ CMIC, HC06 bluetooth module, motor drivers and motors 2.12 MB
AN-1170 RGB LED Pseudo Nixie Driver This app note shows how to create RGB LED Pseudo Nixie Driver 2.74 MB
AN-1055 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design Wireless Remote Shutter Release In this application note both Nikon and Canon wireless remotes are designed with a single GreenPAK chip 2.82 MB
AN-1114 Brushless DC Motor Control A GreenPAK configuration applicable for a single-phase BLDC motor is introduced using SLG46620V 946.28 KB