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SLG46536 Datasheet GreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix 2.46 MB
AN-1107 How to Use Dialog's Arduino Library with GreenPAK This app note will explain how to use Dialog’s Arduino Library to interact with GreenPAK devices using I2C communication 542.91 KB
AN-1125 In-System Debug for GreenPAK™ Devices with I2C Serial Communication In-System Debug can allow the designer to do the debug of the GPAK configuration at the same time as the debug of the overall system 661.43 KB
AN-1152 Incrementing and Decrementing One-Shot This application note describes how to generate a one-shot pulse that increases or decreases in length by a set amount every time it is triggered 446.75 KB
AN-1177 Flexible Range ADC with I2C Interface This application note describes how to create an Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) of up to 16-bits in a GreenPAK™ device which has an I2C interface useful for connecting to MCU’s 1.05 MB
SLG4653x Errata Chips' issues and their workaround 858.71 KB
AN-CM-242 Binary Parity Generator and Checker This app note implements a Binary Parity Generator and Checker with two data input variants, a parallel data input and a serial data input 532.72 KB
AN-CM-249 Creating a Bike Speedometer with GreenPAK and a Magnetic Sensor Two methods are used to approach this application: the first uses the frequency detect blocks of the SLG46536V, the second method uses an RPM counter design 703.99 KB