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AN-1174 Battery Powered Portable Geiger Counters This application note describes two implementations of portable, battery powered Geiger counters 2.27 MB
AN-CM-265 Programmable Limits PWM This application note describes how to design PWM with programmable limits using Dialog's GreenPAK IC 970.16 KB
AN-1177 Flexible Range ADC with I2C Interface This application note describes how to create an Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) of up to 16-bits in a GreenPAK™ device which has an I2C interface useful for connecting to MCU’s 1.05 MB
AN-CM-286 Bidirectional Counter This application note shows how to build bidirectional counters having different interface methods designed in GreenPAK 834.09 KB
AN-CM-294 Alternative Single Wire Data Transmission using GreenPAK This application note introduces an alternative method of single wire data transmission using GreenPAK IC's 2.55 MB
AN-1178 Practical Use of GreenPAK™ Pulse Counter Frequency Counter, Thermometer, Voltmeter This application note is created to show some of the capabilities of digital and analog macrocells within the SLG46533V GreenPAK CMIC IC 2.02 MB
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products 616.83 KB
AN-1186 Cyclic Redundancy Check Generator Unit for 1-wire Protocol This application note describes how to implement a CRC Generator Unit using SLG46533V 581.2 KB
AN-CM-303 8-bit SISO, SIPO, PISO, PIPO Shift Registers This application note shows how to implement various 8-bit shift registers within the GreenPAK IC 2.28 MB
AN-1193 Digital Optical Tachometer using GreenPAK™ (Chinese) This application note describes how to create a digital optical tachometer using GreenPAK™ (Chinese) 4.89 MB
AN-1199 GreenPAK™ RPS Counter The GreenPAK RPS Counter is designed to count revolutions of moderately slow objects 1.19 MB
AN-1202 A Boost Converter Design for Energy Harvesting Applications (Part 1) This application note describes an energy harvesting solution using a supercap that minimizes or eliminates the use of batteries in low power applications such as electronic door locks or data loggers 583.87 KB
AN-CM-218 A Compact Rapid Charger for Li-Ion Cells This application note presents a compact yet capable Li-Ion battery charger 653.69 KB
AN-CM-220 RS422/RS485 Transceiver This application note shows how to implement an integrated transceiver for RS422/RS485 protocols 535.37 KB
AN-CM-230 Water Flow Meter A small, simple and low-cost water flow meter is designed, built and tested using a Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix 1.12 MB
SLG46533 Datasheet SLG46533 GreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix 2.43 MB
AN-CM-235 How to replace CD40xx ICs with GreenPAK This application note describes the behavior and operation of several ICs of the CD40XX family, and how to implement their functionality using the SLG46880 or the SLG46533 990.38 KB
AN-1107 How to Use Dialog's Arduino Library with GreenPAK This app note will explain how to use Dialog’s Arduino Library to interact with GreenPAK devices using I2C communication 542.91 KB
SLG4653x Errata Chips' issues and their workaround 858.71 KB
AN-1116 One-Shot Pulse Generator This application note describes how to create a 4-channel one-shot generator controlled with I2C using a SLG46533V GreenPAK 552.41 KB