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AN-1074 6-Channel Power Lines Sequencer This application note describes how to create a power lines sequencer for six (or even more) lines with constant or variable delay between lines switching, using only one SLG46140V chip 1011.11 KB
AN-CM-216 Class-D Audio Amplifier In this app note, a GreenPAK™ SLG46140V is used to create a Class-D Audio Amplifier 829.57 KB
AN-1076 Wake/Sleep Timing Generator The Wake/Sleep function is very useful if analog blocks are used and low power consumption is desired. Wake and sleep itself not only powers up and down ACMPs and ADC dynamically, but also latches the outputs while blocks are in sleep mode 606.49 KB
AN-CM-247 Servo Overload Protection This application note describes how to protect an unprogrammable servo from overload risk caused by mechanical problems using a GreenPAK IC 862.2 KB
AN-1095 Tiny metal detector This application note describes a short range metal detector useful for positioning proximity and robotics 583.03 KB
AN-CM-258 Flex Sensor-controlled Servo Motor This application note describes how to control a servo motor using a flex sensor, GreenPAK and OpAmp 362.75 KB
AN-1103 Self-referencing Capacitive Touch Sensor An improved capacitive touch sensing algorithm using relative thresholds instead of absolute can be implemented with GPAK device 638.4 KB
AN-CM-261 Overweight Indicator This application note introduces the implementation of a load cell to indicate overweight 932.25 KB
AN-1115 Analog Decoder for Single Wire Multi-Key Detection This application note shows how to build a multi-level comparator for single wire, multi-key detection using three components in GreenPAK™: the ADC block, the digital comparator (DCMP) and the analog comparator (ACMP) 654.74 KB
AN-CM-262 Automatic Trash Can This application note explains how to build a smart trash can that opens automatically when someone approaches and closes automatically when he/she moves away based on a GreenPAK CMIC 380.49 KB
AN-1124 AC Lightbulb Dimmer with a GreenPAK and TRIAC This application note demonstrates how to control a 3-phase AC system by controlling each AC phase through a Dialog GreenPAK SLG46140V 769.61 KB
AN-CM-271 PWM Frequency Converter This application note describes how to shift the frequency of a PWM signal without changing the duty cycle 680.44 KB
AN-1140 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller using GreenPAK™ This application note describes the implementation of motion trigger-able Ultrasonic repeller 3.37 MB
AN-CM-277 Quadrature Encoder Counter with SPI Bus Interface This application note describes an SLG46140V design that implements a 16-bit up/down counter with quadrature encoder inputs. 612.96 KB
AN-1145 Acoustic Relay Learn how to create an acoustic relay, that can be used to control devices (light switcher, electric heater, air cooler etc.) in response to a sound, or series of sounds 518.54 KB
AN-CM-277 GP AN-CM-277 GP 4.84 KB
AN-1146 A GreenPAK Carbon Monoxide Detector In this project, the GreenPAK™ Configurable Mixed-signal IC (CMIC) is used in the design of a carbon monoxide detector 1.78 MB
AN-CM-286 Bidirectional Counter This application note shows how to build bidirectional counters having different interface methods designed in GreenPAK 677.21 KB
AN-1151 Solar Powered Smart Street Lamp This application note describes the design of a solar powered smart street lamp using GreenPAK™ CMIC 1.03 MB
AN-CM-288 SLG46140 RC OSC Current Source Feature This application note describes how enabling and disabling the RC OSC current source to always be turned on in the SLG46140 chip affects the delay block functionality 258.41 KB