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SLG46116 Datasheet GreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with P-FET Power Switch w/o Discharge 3.96 MB
SLG46116 Errata Chips' issues and their workaround 577.69 KB
AN-1045 Bike Light LED Controller Driver In this application, a simple state machine controls power LED headlights and tail lights for cycling 693.25 KB
AN-1061 POR Operation for GreenPAK™ IC's This application note details the GreenPAK POR block and chip behavior during power up. With this description, the user can create robust designs more quickly. 529 KB
AN-1208 Overcurrent Protection Device This application note describes how to build an overcurrent protection device 365.2 KB
AN-CM-218 A Compact Rapid Charger for Li-Ion Cells This application note presents a compact yet capable Li-Ion battery charger 653.69 KB
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products 788.64 KB