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AN-1139 Binary Sequence Detector This application note shows how to implement a binary sequence detector design using GreenPak™ based on a state machine 1.8 MB
AN-1210 Zero Crossing Detector This application note introduces the implementation of zero crossing detector 686.32 KB
AN-CM-221 Incremental Encoder from HDD Motor The application note shows how to create incremental encoder from HDD motor using GreenPAK™ CMIC 426.69 KB
AN-CM-223 Over Current Latch with Low Side Sense Learn how to to realize a low-side sensing over current detection circuit with a latching output used to enable/disable an external high-side PMOS load switch 616.12 KB
AN-CM-278 Implementation of 555 Timer Using GreenPAK This application note illustrates the behavior of all operation modes of the 555 timer IC and shows the implementation details of the 555 timer internals, with all its operation modes, using the SLG46110V. 1.37 MB
AN-CM-290 AC-DC Converter for Low Power Applications This application note presents a low-cost AC-DC converter for low-power always connected applications 559.07 KB
SLG46110 Datasheet GreenPAK Programmable Mixed Signal Matrix 3.58 MB
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products 788.64 KB
SLG46110 Errata Chips' issues and their workaround 578.02 KB
AN-1026 Constant Current LED Driver A constant current LED driver can be easily implemented using a Green PAK IC. It has low power consumption, small board area footprint, and only a few external components are needed to complete the design 468.32 KB
AN-1043 Delay Cell Configuration with Auto Powerdown This note describes the behavioral differences among the GreenPAK chips, and the suggested circuit configuration 513.33 KB
AN-1058 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design Failsafe Watchdog The SLG46110V can be used as a replacement of the H6006 IC, 6, and it also provides Monitoring and/or as Watchdog features 1.67 MB
AN-1061 POR Operation for GreenPAK™ IC's This application note details the GreenPAK POR block and chip behavior during power up. With this description, the user can create robust designs more quickly. 529 KB
AN-1063 GreenPAK Application Note Edge Triggered Fast Level Shifter This application note details a High speed level shifter external circuit that is edge triggered 714.28 KB
AN-1071 Delay Cell Calculations in GreenPAK3 Family CMIC’s This application note describes a way to calculate the accuracy of the delay cell in a GreenPAK in different cases. 1.02 MB
AN-1077 Capacitive Touch Button Sensor GreenPAK can implement system reset and touch function in the same device, with the benefit of extra GPIO, logic, and timing resources that can be used to implement other system functions 677.47 KB
AN-1108 Multi-Power Source Management This application describes how to design a multi-power source management system using a Dialog 1.6 x 1.6mm SLG46110V GreenPAK 632.29 KB